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Building weapons perform bonous damage which will be an important role of journey.

Equippment that related to Characters status which affect


Building Weapon as you can up to 90 Lev will be the best for your performance.

Rolling wish for 4 or 5 weapon is optional but need to earne Primogems.

Weapon will increase baseded on Artifical set and character level.

Furina Build & Weapon

Q&A How Earning Primogems in Genshin Impact?

Daily Commision: Earn up to 40 Primogems daily by completing daily commissions

Randon Quest:Explode in area talk to people around

Uncovered achivement: Explode in map

Story Quest:Explode Story Quest will expand more chest and more boss

World Quest: Explode New Area will show up in map Quest signal

Event Quest: Every months New Event release.

Redeem: Genshin Impact officially provide bonous Primogems.

Apply for New EventAutomatically 90 Primogems daily can be obtainable paying for game.

Save Primogems not sure what to do with new banner

weapon is ready to fight in Abis room more damageable and curable dealing in sisuatuonal fighitng game.

Rolling for banner wish is approximately take 80 times or more to get 5 star weapon Character is

approximately 50-50 times to get 5 star character so save daily primo or recommended to apply for monthly

primo which means 90 primo in day times 30 in monthly. More detail about

Q&A Rolling Wish for 4 and 5 star Weapon in Genshin Impact

WeaponNameQualityAttackWeapon AlternativeObtainable

ATKRoll for Wish
Ballad of the Boundless BlueBallad of the Boundless Bluerarity_4565Energy RechargeQuest Event
Blackcliff SlasherBlackcliff Slasherrarity_4510CRIT DMGStarglitter Exchange
Blackcliff WarbowBlackcliff Warbowrarity_4565CRIT DMGStarglitter Exchange
Elegy for the EndElegy for the Endrarity_5608Energy RechargeRoll for Wish
Fleuve Cendre FerrymanFleuve Cendre Ferrymanrarity_4510Energy RechargeSumeru Fishing Association
Haran Geppaku FutsuHaran Geppaku Futsurarity_5608CRIT RateRoll for Wish
Harbinger of DawnHarbinger of Dawnrarity_3401CRIT DMGRoll for Wish
King's SquireKing’s Squirerarity_4542HPRoll for Wish
Polar StarPolar Starrarity_5608CRIT RateRoll for Wish
Portable PowerPortable Powerrarity_4454Base HPRoll for Wish
Primordial Jade CutterPrimordial Jade Cutterrarity_5542CRIT RateRoll for Wish
Primordial Jade Winged-SpearPrimordial Jade Winged-Spearrarity_5674CRIT RateRoll for Wish
Prospector's DrillProspector’s Drillrarity_4565Base ATKRoll for Wish
Prototype AmberPrototype Amberrarity_4510HPCrafting
Prototype ArchaicPrototype Archaicrarity_4565ATKCrafting
Prototype CrescentPrototype Crescentrarity_4510ATKCrafting
Prototype RancourPrototype Rancourrarity_4565Physical DMG BonusCrafting
Prototype StarglitterPrototype Starglitterrarity_4510Energy RechargeCrafting
RainslasherRainslasherrarity_4510Elemental MasteryRoll for Wish
Range GaugeRange Gaugerarity_4565Base ATKRoll for Wish
Raven BowRaven Bowrarity_3448Elemental MasteryRoll for Wish
Recurve BowRecurve Bowrarity_3354HPChest
Redhorn StonethresherRedhorn Stonethresherrarity_5542CRIT DMGRoll for Wish
Amos'_BowAmos’ Bowrarity_5608ATKRoll for Wish
Ballad of the FjordsBallad of the Fjordsrarity_4510CRIT RateRoll for Wish
Cool SteelCool Steelrarity_3401ATKBP Bounty
Crescent PikeCrescent Pikerarity_4565Physical DMG BonusCrafting
Dodoco TalesDodoco Talesrarity_4401ATKEvent
Dragon's BaneDragon’s Banerarity_4454Elemental MasteryRoll for Wish
Festering DesireFestering Desirerarity_4510Energy RechargeEvent
Fillet BladeFillet Bladerarity_4529CRIT DMGStarglitter Exchange
Flowing PurityFlowing Purityrarity_4565ATKCrafting
FrostbearerFrostbearerrarity_4510Energy RechargeCrafting
Light of Foliar IncisionLight of Foliar Incisionrarity_5542CRIT DMGRoll for Wish
Rightful RewardRightful Rewardrarity_4565HPCrafting
Royal BowRoyal Bowrarity_4565ATKStarglitter Exchange
Royal GreatswordRoyal Greatswordrarity_4510ATKStarglitter Exchange
Royal GrimoireRoyal Grimoirerarity_4565ATKStarglitter Exchange
Royal LongswordRoyal Longswordrarity_4510ATKStarglitter Exchange
Royal SpearRoyal Spearrarity_4565ATKStarglitter Exchange
RustRustrarity_4510ATKRoll for Wish
Sacrificial BowSacrificial Bowrarity_4565ATKRoll for Wish
Sacrificial FragmentsSacrificial Fragmentsrarity_4454Elemental MasteryRoll for Wish
Sacrificial GreatswordSacrificial Greatswordrarity_4565Energy RechargeRoll for Wish
Sacrificial JadeSacrificial Jaderarity_4454Elemental MasteryBP Bounty
Sacrificial GreatswordSacrificial Swordrarity_4565Energy RechargeRoll for Wish
Sapwood BladeSapwood Bladerarity_5565CRIT RateCrafting
Scion of the Blazing SunScion of the Blazing Sunrarity_4565Energy RechargeBP Bounty
Serpent SpineSerpent Spinerarity_4510Energy RechargeBP Bounty
Sharpshooter's OathSharpshooter’s Oathrarity_3401CRIT RateRoll for Wish
Cinnabar SpindleCinnabar Spindlerarity_4454Physical DMG BonusCrafting
Everlasting MoonglowEverlasting Moonglowrarity_5608HPRoll for Wish
Iron StingIron Stingrarity_4510Elemental MasteryCrafting
Kagotsurube IsshinKagotsurube Isshinrarity_4510ATKQuest Reward
Kitain Cross SpearKitain Cross Spearrarity_5454ATKCrafting
Lion's RoarLion’s Roarrarity_4510ATKRoll for Wish
Lithic SpearLithic Spearrarity_4565ATKRoll for Wish
Lost Prayer to the Sacred WindsLost Prayer to the Sacred Windsrarity_5608CRIT RateRoll for Wish
Luxurious Sea-LordLuxurious Sea-Lordrarity_4454ATKRoll for Wish
Magic GuideMagic Guiderarity_3354Elemental MasteryRoll for Wish
Mailed FlowerMailed Flowerrarity_4565
Elemental MasteryRoll for Wish
Makhaira AquamarineMakhaira Aquamarinerarity_5510Elemental MasteryRoll for Wish
Mappa MareMappa Marerarity_4565
Elemental MasteryCrafting
Memory of DustMemory of Dustrarity_5608ATKRoll for Wish
MessengerMessengerrarity_3448CRIT DMGChest
Missive WindspearMissive Windspearrarity_4510ATKEvent
Mistsplitter ReforgedMistsplitter Reforgedrarity_4674CRIT DMGRoll for Wish
Mitternachts WaltzMitternachts Waltzrarity_4510Physical DMG BonusRoll for Wish
MoonpiercerMoonpiercerrarity_4565Elemental MasteryCrafting
Mouun's MoonMouun’s Moonrarity_4565ATKRoll for Wish
Oathsworn EyeOathsworn Eyerarity_4565ATKEvent
Otherworldly StoryOtherworldly Storyrarity_3401Energy RechargeRoll for Wish
Kagura's VerityKagura’s Verityrarity_5608CRIT DMGRoll for Wish

Black Tassel
Black Tasselrarity_3354HPRoll for Wish

Blackcliff Agate
Blackcliff Agaterarity_4510CRIT DMGStarglitter Exchange
Blackcliff LongswordBlackcliff Longswordrarity_4565CRIT DMGStarglitter Exchange
Calamity QuellerCalamity Quellerrarity_5741CRIT DMGRoll for Wish
Compound BowCompound Bowrarity_4454Elemental MasteryVendor
DeathmatchDeathmatchrarity_4454CRIT RateBP Bounty
Finale of the DeepFinale of the Deeprarity_4401ATKRoll for Wish
Key of Khaj-NisutKey of Khaj-Nisutrarity_4542HPRoll for Wish
Aqua_SimulacraAqua Simulacrararity_5542CRIT DMGRoll for Wish
Aquila FavoniaAquila Favoniararity_4674Physical DMG BonusRoll for Wish
Debate ClubDebate Clubrarity_4521CRIT DMGRoll for Wish
Fading TwilightFading Twilightrarity_4565Energy RechargeRoll for Wish
Favonius CodexFavonius Codexrarity_4510Energy RechargeRoll for Wish
Favonius GreatswordFavonius Greatswordrarity_4454Energy RechargeRoll for Wish
Hakushin RingHakushin Ringrarity_4565Energy RechargeCrafting
Amenoma KageuchiAmenoma Kageuchirarity_4454ATKCraftig

Beacon of the Reed Sea
Beacon of the Reed Seararity_5608CRIT RateRoll for Wish
Blackcliff PoleBlackcliff Polerarity_4510CRIT DMGStarglitter Exchange
Emerald OrbEmerald Orbrarity_3448Elemental MasteryRoll for Wish
Eye of PerceptionEye of Perceptionrarity_4530CRIT DMGRoll for Wish
Favonius GreatswordFavonius Swordrarity_4454Energy RechargeRoll for Wish
Fruit of FulfillmentFruit of Fulfillmentrarity_4510Energy RechargeCrafting
Hunter's PathHunter’s Pathrarity_5542CRIT RateRoll for Wish
Jadefall's SplendorJadefall’s Splendorrarity_4608HPRoll for Wish
Lithic BladeLithic Bladerarity_4510ATKRoll for Wish
Alley HunterAlley Hunterrarity_4565CRIT RateRoll for Wish
Bloodtainted GreatswordBloodtainted Greatswordrarity_3354Elemental MasteryRoll for Wish
Cashflow SupervisionCashflow Supervisionrarity_5674CRIT DMGRoll for Wish
Dark Iron SwordDark Iron Swordrarity_3401Elemental MasteryVendor
Dragonspine SpearDragonspine Spearrarity_4454Physical DMG BonusCrafting
End of the Linerarity_4510Energy RechargeSumeru Fishing Association
Engulfing LightningEngulfing Lightningrarity_5608Energy RechargeRoll for Wish
Favonius LanceFavonius Lancerarity_4565Energy RechargeRoll for Wish
Favonius WarbowFavonius Warbowrarity_4454Energy RechargeRoll for Wish
Ferrous ShadowFerrous Shadowrarity_3401HPRoll for Wish
Forest RegaliaForest Regaliararity_4608Elemental MasteryRoll for Wish
Katsuragikiri NagamasaKatsuragikiri Nagamasararity_4510Energy RechargeCrafting
Skyrider GreatswordSkyrider Greatswordrarity_3401Physical DMG BonusRoll for Wish
Skyrider SwordSkyrider Swordrarity_3354Energy RechargeRoll for Wish
Skyward AtlasSkyward Atlasrarity_5674ATKRoll for Wish
Skyward BladeSkyward Bladerarity_5608Energy RechargeRoll for Wish
Skyward HarpSkyward Harprarity_5674CRIT RateRoll for Wish
Skyward PrideSkyward Priderarity_5674Energy RechargeRoll for Wish
Skyward SpineSkyward Spinerarity_5674Energy RechargeRoll for Wish
SlingshotSlingshotrarity_3354CRIT RateRoll for Wish
Snow-Tombed StarsilverSnow-Tombed Starsilverrarity_5565Physical DMG BonusCrafting
Solar PearlSolar Pearlrarity_4510CRIT RateBP Bounty
Song of Broken PinesSong of Broken Pinesrarity_5741Physical DMG BonusRoll for Wish
Song of StillnessSong of Stillnessrarity_4510ATKCrafting
Splendor of Tranquil WatersSplendor of Tranquil Watersrarity_5542CRIT DMGRoll for Wish
Staff of HomaStaff of Homararity_5608CRIT DMGRoll for Wish
Staff of the Scarlet SandsStaff of the Scarlet Sandsrarity_5542CRIT RateRoll for Wish
Summit ShaperSummit Shaperrarity_5608ATKRoll for Wish
Sword of DescensionSword of Descensionrarity_4440ATKRoll for Wish
Sword of NarzissenkreuzSword of Narzissenkreuzrarity_4510Base ATKQuest Reward
Talking StickTalking Stickrarity_4565CRIT RateBP Bounty
The Alley FlashThe Alley Flashrarity_4620Elemental MasteryRoll for Wish
The BellThe Bellrarity_4510HPRoll for Wish
The Black SwordThe Black Swordrarity_4510CRIT RateBP Bounty
The CatchThe Catchrarity_4510Elemental MasteryVendor
The Dockhand's AssistantThe Dockhand’s Assistantrarity_4510Base HPRoll for Wish
The First Great MagicThe First Great Magicrarity_5608CRIT DMGRoll for Wish
The FluteThe Fluterarity_4510Base HPRoll for Wish
The StringlessThe Stringlessrarity_4510Elemental MasteryRoll for Wish
The UnforgedThe Unforgedrarity_4608ATKRoll for Wish
The Viridescent HuntThe Viridescent Huntrarity_4510CRIT RateRoll for Wish
The WidsithThe Widsithrarity_4510CRIT DMGRoll for Wish
Thrilling Tales of Dragon SlayersThrilling Tales of Dragon Slayersrarity_3401
HPRoll for Wish
Thundering PulseThundering Pulserarity_5608CRIT DMGRoll for Wish
Tidal ShadowTidal Shadowrarity_4510ATKCrafting
Tome of the Eternal FlowTome of the Eternal Flowrarity_5542CRIT DMGRoll for Wish
Toukabou ShigureToukabou Shigurerarity_4510Elemental MasteryQuest Event
Traveler's Handy SwordTraveler’s Handy Swordrarity_3448DEFChest
Tulaytullah's RemembranceTulaytullah’s Remembrancerarity_5674CRIT DMGRoll for Wish
Twin NephriteTwin Nephriterarity_3448CRIT RateChest
Vortex VanquisherVortex Vanquisherrarity_5608ATKRoll for Wish
Wandering EvenstarWandering Evenstarrarity_4510Elemental MasteryRoll for Wish
Wavebreaker's FinWavebreaker’s Finrarity_4620Base ATKRoll for Wish
White Iron GreatswordWhite Iron Greatswordrarity_3401DEFRoll for Wish
White TasselWhite Tasselrarity_4401CRIT RateChest
Windblume OdeWindblume Oderarity_4510Elemental MasteryInvitation of Windblume Event
Wine and SongWine and Songrarity_4565Energy RechargeRoll for Wish
Wolf-FangWolf-Fangrarity_4510CRIT RateBP Bounty
Wolf's GravestoneWolf’s Gravestonerarity_5608ATKRoll for Wish
Xiphos' MoonlightXiphos’ Moonlightrarity_4510Elemental MasteryRoll for Wish
A_Thousand_Floating_DreamsA Thousand Floating Dreamsrarity_5542Elemental MasteryRoll for Wish

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