Tenacity of the Millelith Artifact Dmain and Location


Tenacity of the Millelith is an outstanding Artifact Set.

Tenacity of the Millelith is an outstanding Artifact Set.
  1. The 2-piece set works for most characters especially those whose skills scale on HP. This means either more Shield Strength or more Healing.
  2. The 4-piece set is special because the character who has this equipped doesn’t need to be on the field for it to work. When an Elemental Skill hits enemies the entire party’s ATK and Shield Strength is increased. What’s more, it has a very short cooldown of 0.5s.

Hp and Defensive character will be fine

  1. Hp is good for Barrier to protect against monsters.
  2. Sub set Hp and 3 HP is good for sub character like Layla or defesive characters
  3. Recommended characters are shown in table below
Title Description Image Text Detail
Zhongli• Zhongli can take full advantage of the 4-piece set as his Elemental Skill can cast a shield and his skills scale on HP. • When he or any member of his party casts an Elemental Skill against enemies, everyone's ATK and Shield Strength gets a raise.
Kokomi• Kokomi can use Tenacity of the Millelith as a buffing option from her Elemental Skill. Because the 2pc also has HP%, it still benefits her heals by a lot!
Kuki's• Kuki's Elemental Skill can constantly keep the 4pc. passive activated. • HP% helps scale with Kuki Shinobu's healing from her Elemental Skill and damage from her Elemental Burst.
Layla• Layla can benefit from both HP scaling and the Shield Strength given by this artifact. Moreover, this will give 20% ATK for all party members as well!
Kirara• The 2-piece set bonus can help increase Kirara's HP as her shield and damage scales on this.
DomainRidge Watch is located between the Dawn Winery and Sal Terrea. It's nestled in a few rocks with a wide open field in front of it.Tenacity of the Millelith can be obtained from the Bosses or Domains

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