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Lidia Sobieska (リディア・ソビエスカ Ridiya Sobiesuka) is a karate which is martial art from Jpana. She is from Poland. She made her debut in Tekken 7 as DLC in the Season 4 Pass. Intodeuce about Frame and fighitng technique. Shōtōkan-style of Karate, her wide stances, straight closed fist strikes and performing the Kankū-dai kata in her reveal trailer, a signature kata of Shōtōkan

Lidia Sobieska Get Idea of Fighting

Shōtōkan-style of Karate, her wide stances, straight closed fist strikes and performing the Kankū-dai kata in her reveal trailer, a signature kata of Shōtōkan. Kazuya Mishima’s fighting style is also based on Shōtōkan but Lidia’s is much more traditional. Shōtōkan is the most widely practiced style of Karate and also the most influential, with nearly all other styles of Karate (and some other martial arts as well, such as Taekwondo) listing it as an influence.

Several of Lidia’s attacks were motion captured from Tatsuya Naka of the Japan Karate Association and a 7th dan master that teaches Shōtōkan-style Karate.

Lidia’s background was sent out as a care package to some fans by Bandai Namco. A letter is included that is sent from Heihachi Mishima to Lidia in her capacity as head of state.

In the same above mentioned care package, a black belt with Lidia’s name on it is provided. The belt has the polish word “Potęga” (power) sewn onto it, along with “Polskie Karate” (Polish Karate), indicating she is likely has a black belt in a style of karate.

Her surname is possibly based on Jan III Sobieski, King of Poland who commanded the Polish Winged Hussars against the Ottomans in Siege of Vienna in 1683 in the largest cavalry charge of all time.

Her surname could indicate she is a descendant of, or named after the Sobieski household, a real-life noble Polish family which existed during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Lidia Sobieska for Frame
CommandHit levelDamageStart up frameBlock frameHit frameCounter hit frameNotes
in rage d+1+2m5520-22KNDKNDRage art
in rage f, f+2+3m (CFO on block)3013+15tail spintail spinRage drive
in rage TAW 4, 2l, m12, 1420-12KNDKNDRage drive
1, 1h, m7, 17-11+5CS
1, 2h, h7, 8-2+5+5
1, 2, 2h (to CFT on hit)7, 8, 10-10+8+8
1, 2, 3h, h, h (TJ)7, 8, 20-6KNDKNDTail spin
1, 2, 4h, h, l7, 8, 15-13+3KND
1, 2, 4, 4h, h, l, h7, 8, 17, 20+6sJGJGTail spin
1, 4h, h7, 17-8+1+1
2, 1h, h10, 13-10+1+1
2, 1, 4h, h, h10, 10, 15-9+2+2
2, 4h, m10, 13-8+4+4
3, 2h, h10, 12+2CSCS
3:2h, h10, 14+2CSCS
4, 2h, h11–2+7+7JG when 1st hit coutners
4, 3h, m (TJ)17, 23-10+8k+8kTail spin
1+2* (hold)m3036 to 64-5CSCSStartup depends on time input is held
1+2** (max hold)m3065+17gCSCS
1+2*, f (cancel)(special)
1+2*, b (cancel)(special)
f+2, 4h, h10, 23-13+5+5
f+3m (TJ)1717~19 js6~-9+4+4
f+4, 3m, m (TJ)17, 15-1000
f+4, 3, 1m, m (TJ), m17, 15, 28-12KNDKND
f+4, 3, 4m, m (TJ), h (TJ)17, 15, 23-5KNDTail spinTail spin
f+1+2, 3hm, m4,5, 5-14-3-3
f+1+2, 3, 2hm, m, m4,5, 5, 4-14-6-6
f+1+2, 3, 2, 1hm, m, m, m4,5, 5, 4, 20-15+4 (+16 wc)+4 (+16 wc)Wall Crush
d/f+1, 2m, h13, 10-3+8+8
d/f+1, 3m, m13, 17-13KNDCS
d/f+2m (to CFT on hit)1715-6+12KND
d/f+3, 4m, m15, 20-12KNDKND
d/f+3~1, 2h, h13, 20+7KNDKND
d/f+4, 2m, h16, 25+1KNDKND
d/f+4, 3m, m (TJ)16, 23-10+8k+8kTail spin
d/f+4~4h2724~25+6sJGJGTail spin
d/f+1+2m (parries right punch)2123 (parry 2~17)-2+7+7
d/f+1+2, (on parry) 2m, h21, 29KNDKND
d/f+3+4m2522~23 pc8~-12+9k+9kPower crush, tail spin
d+2sm (TC)811 cs4~-4+7+7
d+3, 1l, h9, 8+4+9+9
d+3, 4l, h9, 21-3+6+6Homing, tail spin
d+3, 4, 4l, h, l (TC)9, 21, 13-26KNDKND
d+3, 4, 4, 4l, h, l (TC), m (TJ)9, 21, 13, 25-14KNDKND
d+4l (TC)712s cs4~-13-2-2
d/b+1sm (TC)510s cs4-5+6+6
d/b+2l (TC)1418~19 cs6~-14-1+12g
d/b+3 (far)l1016-26-7-7
d/b+3 (clean)l1516-26+3+3
d/b+3, (on hit) 2l, m15,18throwthrow
d/b+1+2m2520 pc8~-14KNDKNDPower crush, Wall bounce
d/b+3+4 (parries low attack)m (parries low attacks)2122 (parry 2~13)-3+6+6
d/b+3+4 (on parry) 1m, h21, 21KNDKND
b+1, 2h, m13, 15-10+5s+5s
b+2, 1h, h14, 15-6+5+5
b+2, 3h, m14,17-9+4CS
b+3, 1m, m16, 10-11+5+14
b+3, 4m, h16, 16-900
b+3, 4, 1+2m, h, m16, 16, 19-10KNDKND
b+3, 4, qcf>1+2m, h, m16, 16, 21-10KNDKND
b+4h2116-3+6+6Homing, Tail spin
b+4, 4 (far)h, l (TC)21, 10-2600
b+4, 4 (clean)h, l (TC)21, 7-26KNDKND
b+4, 4, 4h, l (TC), h (TJ)21, 7, 25-14KNDKNDrecover crouch
b+1+4 (parries h/m punch)m!3560 (parry 2~25)KNDKNDKND
u or u/f+1m (TJ)1218 js9~-12-1-1
u/b or u or u/f+2h1715~16-12+9+9
u/b+3m2521 js9~-17KNDKND
u or u/f+3 or BT u/f+3+4m (TJ)2025~27 cs11~-7+4sKND
u/b+4m (TJ)1115 js9~-19-8-8
u or u/f+4mh (TJ) (CFT on hit)2615~16 cs9~-13Tail spinTail spin
u/f, N, 4m (TJ)2523~25 js9~-11LaunchLaunch
f, f+2m (CFO on hit)2013-2+15+15
f, f+3m2119~20-14LaunchLaunch
f, f+4m2115-3+7+7
f, f+4~3h2132~33+8CSCS
f, f+1+2m2315~16-13~14KNDKND
f, f+3+4m (TJ)2219~21 js10~-8~-6KNDKND
qcf+2, 2m, m14, 17-14-1-1
qcf+2, 2, b,f+1+2m, m, m17, 17, 25-16KNDKND
qcf+2, 2, b,f,f+1+2m, m, m17, 17, 30-16KNDKND
WR+1 or f, f, f+1h2413~15+7~+9KNDKND
FC+1sm (TC)510s-5+6+6
FC+2sm (TC)811s-4+7+7
FC+3l (TC)1216s-17-3-3
FC+4l (TC)1012s-15-4-4
FC+ d/f+3l (TC)2020s-26KNDKND
WS+1, 2m, h12, 18-5+6+6
WS+1, 4m, m12, 20-13KNDKND
WS+3, 2m, m15, 23-13KNDKNDWall bounce
WS+4, 2m, h13, 12-6+8+8
SS+4h2116-6KNDKNDTail spin
Opponent down d+2l2723-13-7s-7s
Back agains wall b, b, um (TJ)2136 js5~0sKNDKND
BT 1 or 2h158-8+3+3
BT d+1 or d+2sm (TC)1010 cs1~-2+9+9
BT d+3 or d+3l (TC)1210 cs1~-11+3+3
f+3+4 (CF0)(CF0)44
CF0 1h22194KNDKND
CF0 2m1717-10+4CS
CF0 3h2826~27-1Tail spinTail spinTail spin
CF0 4m2028+4KNDJG
CF0 or CFT b(special)40 js11~
CF0 or CFT b, 1h!4516~18KNDKND
CF0 f (HAE)(HAE)43
HAE 1m1716-6CSCS
HAE 2l (TC)2520~21s cs8~-13+4sJG
HAE 1+2h2516+14KNDKND
b+3+4 (CFT)(CFT)44
CFT 1m2320-10KNDKND
CFT 2h1714~15-9+2+2
CFT 2, 3h, m17, 15-6+5+5
CFT 2, 3, 1h, m, m17, 15, 25-12KNDKNDWall bounce
CFT 3h2313~14-4+11kgTail spinTail spin
CFT 4l (TC)719~20-26 11cs~00
CFT 4 (clean hit)l (TC)1019~20-26 11cs~KNDKND
CFT 4, 4l (TC), h, (TJ)10, 25-14sKNDKND
CFT 1+2m2717-10KNDKND
CFT f (TAW)(TAW)45
TAW 1m24 (36)22+6KNDKND
TAW 2m2215-7KNDKND
TAW 3m1917-6+4+4
TAW 3, 1m, m19, 21-6+9KND
TAW 4l2320-13KNDJG
b+1+3 or b+2+4 (UP)(parries h/m punch)(parry 2~10)
UP 2h5-13+8+8
UP 2, 1h, h5, 5-13+8+8
UP 2, 1 (on hit) 2h, h, h5, 5, 20 (22)-13KNDKND
LIDIA SOBIESKA combo guide Wonda

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