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Lucky Chloe is Strong Character with Okizeme showing fighting method and Combo Guideline. She is revealed to be mischievous and childish, as seen in Eddy’s ending where she outsmarts Eddy by giving him a childish drawing after leading him to believe it was a note revealing Kazuya’s whereabouts. However, in both her own and Jack-7’s endings, she shows her bratty side as she forces Eddy to practice her signature poses for live shows and blames Jack-7 for Chloe herself accidentally bumping into him. She also shows no concern after witnessing Jack-7 falling off the G Corporation tower.

Fighting Style By @ThatBlastedSalami
Combo By @wondagame6160

Lucky Chloe fights using Freestyle Dance, a style that seems very visibly similar to that of Capoeira, both of which incorporates dancing into martial arts.

Lucky Chloe has fast attacks and a good mix up game, and while her attacks are generally quite weak, she has good combo options which allow her to rack up some big damage. Her range, however, is quite short, and she lacks in counter options and punishers, meaning she favors a more aggressive play style, keeping close to her opponent and applying constant pressure.

Lucky Chloe is unique in that her Rage Art can deal additional damage if the player correctly times their button presses in rhythm with the attacks landing on her opponent.

Lucky Chloe For Special Move
CommandHit levelDamageStart up frameBlock frameHit frameCounter hit frameNotes
in rage 3+4l (TC)50(or60or65)20 cs8~17 pc8~17-27KNDKNDRage art
in rage d/f+3+4 or FC+d/f+3+4 or BT+d/f+3+4mmm12,12,2517,46, 78~80+3~+5sLaunchLaunchRage art
in rage d/f+3+4Bm, mm12,12,2517,46, 78~80b-4~-2sLaunchLaunchRage art
in rage d/f+3+4, When hit 1+2mmm, h12,12,25,62(74)17,46, 78~80KNDKNDRage art
1 or BT 1 or 2h7(12)10+1+8+8
1, 2h, m7,1210-4+7+7
1, 2, 1h, m, m7,12,2010-11KNDKNDWall Bound
1, 2, 2h, m, m7,12,2010-4~-3+4~+5sKND
1, 2, 1+2h, m, hh7,12,12,2010-2~-1+13kgKND(+13kg)Homing
2, 2h, h10,15 (25)12-12+4+4KND after proper timing
2, 3h, l, (TWISTL)12,1412-11+7s+7s
3, 4m, m14,2015-14Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
1+2 or BT 1+2hh6,2022~23, 30~31-2~-1+13kgKND(+13kg)Homing
f+2, 1m, m12,2017-11KNDKNDWall Bound
f+2, 2m, m12,2017-4~-3+2~+3sKND
f+2, 1+2m, hh12,6,2017-2~-1+13kgKND(+13kg)Homing
f+4m (TJ)1427 js9~30-4+9s+9s
f+4, bm (TJ)1427b~js9,10,13~-4+9s+9s
f+4, 4m (TJ), m (TJ)14,10js15~-13KNDKND
f+4, 4, bm (TJ), m (TJ)14,10b js15~-9KNDKND
f+1+2h3227~29+7~+9KNDKNDWall Bounce
f+3+4mml14,11,1229~30a, 37~38, 70~73 js19~-11~-8+8~+11s (KND)+8~+11s (KND)
f+3+4, bmm14,1129~30a, 37~38, js19~-4~-3KNDKND
f+3+4, 3mm, m14,11,829~30a, 37~38, 70~71 js19~-17~-16sKNDKND
d/f+1, 3m, l (TWISTL)13, 1413~14-11~-10+8~+9+8~+9
d/f+2 or WS+2, When hit 4:3:1m, m, m, m14(20),20,10,2016KNDKND
d/f+3, B(cancel)
d/f+3, 2m, m15,2114-6~-5+2~+3sLaunch
d/f+3, 3m, m15,2014-14~-13+7k+7kTail spin
d/f+4l (TJ)1925 js6~23-12+7sKND
d+3+4 or d/b+3+4lll6,6,623~24, 33~34, 47s cs6~ar6~-13-2-2
d+3+4, 3+4lll, ll5,5,5,7,7s cs1~ ar1~-13~-120~+1s0~+1s
d+3+4:d+3+4lll, hml5,5,5,7,7,71~ 1~a,b-34-21s-21s
d+3+4:d+3+4, Flll, hml, (Special)5,5,5,7,7,71~ 1~,a-57-44s-44s
d+3+4:d+3+4, F, 3+4lll, hml, (Special), m (TJ)5,5,5,7,7,7,30js1~-8~-4KNDKND
d/b+1m2021 pc8~-13KNDKNDPower crush, Wall bound
d/b+4l (TC)1518 cs6~-14-3-2
d/b+4, 4l (TC), m (SCT)15,1518 6~-1+3+12
d/b+1+2m2025~26-16~-15Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
b+3m1517-11+10kg+10kgTail spin, Homing
b+3, Bm1517b-8+13kg+13kgTail spin, Homing
b+3+4(recover bt)js6
b+1+2hhhh5,5,5,1520,26,32, 40~42 pc8~19-8~-6KNDKNDPower crush
u/b+4! (TJ)6076~77 js48~TFUTFUTFU
u+3+4mm (TJ)5,1020 js9~-9KNDKND
u/f+3(u+3 or u/b+3)m (TJ)13(10,7)15~16 js9~-15~-14LaunchLaunch
u/f+4m1315~16 js9~-13~-12Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
u/f+3+4m (TJ)1524~26 js11~-5~-3-8~-6s-8~-6s
u/f+3+4, 3m (TJ), l, (TWISTL)15,1727~29 11~-11+7s+7s
u/f+3+4, 3+4m (TJ), m (TJ)15,15js11~-3~-1+4~+6sKND
u/f+3+4, 3+4, 4m (TJ), m (TJ), m15,15,20js18~-16~-14sKNDKND
f, F+3m2518(19~)-6KNDKND
f, f, f+3m (TJ)2722~25 (25~) js3~+7~+10KNDKND
f, f, f+3+4l, l (TJ) (TC)15, 2323 js5, cs10-29KNDKND
f, f, f+3+4 (last hit only)l, l23-29KNDKND
WS+1, 4m, m?10,1014~15-16LaunchLaunch
WS+3m (TC)2515~16 cs1~-12~-11KNDJG
FC+d/f+1l (TC)1518~19 cs1~-13~-12+4~+5sKND
FC+d/f+2m (TC)1821~22 cs1~20-7~-6+15~+16kgKNDTail spin, Homing
SS+4l1921~22b (30~) cs6~-9~-8 (11b)+2~+3KND
1+2+3(Special)21~22 (30~) 6~
1+2+4(Special)21~22 (30~) 6~
d/b+3l, (TWISTL)1715-11+7s+7s
d/b+3 (After stance ends)l, (TWISTL)1715-32-13s-13s
d/b+3, bl, (TWISTL)1715b-25-6s-6s
d/b+3~4l, l17,1215-1300
TWISTL 1h1210+1+8+8
TWISTL 2m1718-7+5KND
TWISTL f+2m1527-4+7+7
TWISTL 3m2034~40+4~+10KNDKND
TWISTL 4m(SCT)2126-18-7-7
TWISTL 4, 3+4m, m21,20-3+5Launch
TWISTL d/b+4l (TC)1524-14+5s+5s
TWISTL d/b+4jl, (TWISTR)2328-13+4s+4s
TWISTL d/b+4j, 3l, l(TWISTL)23, 1228-1300
TWISTR 4m (BT)2420~21-8~-7CSCS
TWISTR d/b+3jl, (TWISTL)1720-11+7s+7s
f, F+4 or from special movem, (SCT)2123(24~)-1+3+12
SCT 4m (TJ)1526(27~)-4~-3KNDKND
SCT 4, 4m (TJ), m (TJ)15,25js15~+4~+5KNDKND
SCT 3+4m (TJ)20js23~-3~+1+5~+9Launch
SCT 3+4, 4m (TJ), m15,20js18~-16~-14sKNDKND
SCT d/b+4l (TC)13cs4~-16-5-2
BT 1h128~9+1~+2+8~+9+8~+9
BT 2m1718-7+5KND
BT 3m2015~16-44~-43 (~20a)-23~-22a-23~-22a
BT 3, 3+4m, m20,25js1~+1~+3KND(KND)KND
BT 4m (TJ)2423~25 js6~-10~-8sKNDKND
BT d/b or d or d/f+4l (TC)1819s cs4~-16-5-2
BT d+4, 4l (TC), m?, (SCT)18,1519 4~-1+3+12
BT d+3+4l2022 cs4~-18KNDKND
BT 3+4m (TJ)2028~32 js15~-3~+1+4~+8sKND
BT 3+4, 4m, m20,20js17~-16~-14sKNDKND
BT f+3+4(Special)?b ar1~
BT f+3+4, 3+4(Special), mm, (Special)17,2024,37~ar1~-45CSCS
BT f+3+4, 3+4, 3+4(Special), mm, (Special), m17,20,30ar1~+11g~+15g (+25g wc)KNDKNDWall crush
Lucky Chloe For Basic Move
CommandHit levelDamageStart up frameBlock frameHit frameCounter hit frameNotes
f+4m (TJ)1427 js9~30-4+9s+9s
d/f+2?1415-13Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
d/f+4l (TJ)1925 js6~23-12+7sKND
d+1Sm (TC)510s cs4~-5+6+6
d+3l (TC)1216s cs4~-17-3-3
d+4l (TC)713s-13-2-2
d/b+1m2021 pc8~-13KNDKNDPower crush
d/b+2Sm (TC)811s cs4~-4+7+7
d/b+3l, (TWISTL)1715-11+7s+7s
d/b+4l (TC)1518 cs6~-14-3-2
b+3m1517-11+10kg+10kgTail spin, Homing
u/b or u or u/f+1m (TJ)1218 js9~-8+3+3
u/b or u or u/f+2h1715~16-12~-11+9~+10g+9~+10g
u/f+3(u+3 or u/b+3)m (TJ)13(10,7)15~16 js9~-15~-14LaunchLaunch
u/b+4! (TJ)6076~77 js48~TFUTFUTFU
u+4m1515~16 js9~-13~-12KNDLaunch (JG?)
u/f+4m1315~16 js9~-13~-12Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
WS+2m2016-13Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
WS+3m (TC)2515~16 cs1~-12~-11KNDJG
FC+d/b or d+1Sm (TC)510s cs1~-5+6+6
FC+d/b or d+2Sm (TC)1011s cs1~-4+7+7
FC+3l (TC)1216s cs1~-17-3-3
FC+d/b or d+4l (TC)1013s cs1~-15-4-4
SS+4l1721~22b (30~) cs6~-9~-8 (11b)+2~+3KND
BT 1 or 2h128~9+1~+2+8~+9+8~+9
BT 3m2015~16-44~-43 (~20a)-23~-22a-23~-22a
BT 4m (TJ)3023~25 js6~-10~-8sKNDKND
BT d+1 or 2Sm1010s cs1~-2+9+9
BT d+3l1210s cs1~-11+3+3
BT d/b or d or d/f+4l (TC)1819s cs4~-16-5-2

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