Tekken 7 beginner’s guide

Here is right way to understand Tekken concept showing general idea of tekken fighting,Practical Mode Play,Frame and Combo

When you play Tekken 7 for the first time, you will spend on amount of time considering which character might fit you as well as practing to remenber right buttom to attack or defend.

Also, you need to understand the opponent character to attack or defend which makes you struggle.

However, you’ll guradually improve attack or defend skill.

In my guide, I’ll provide you with Tekken 7 beginner’s guide written below. Keep in mind that this Tekken 7 beginner’s guide only covers the basics. Only with dedication and practice will you have a chance of becoming the next King of Iron Fist.

First,Pick Your Character Wisely

It is not good idea to master all of the Tekken 7 characters spending on amount of time. But It is always good to experiment with different characters and “know your enemy” when you are an absolute beginner, you need a character that is comparatively easier to use.

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  • Get Genral Idea of Tekken Fighting
  • Idea of picking Xiaoyu-Movie Promotion Much

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Guide Tekken Button

After picking the character you want to focus on as a beginner, you need to learn the basics of attacking in Tekken 7. The game follows a four-button attack layout, with each representing a character limb. In basic terms, you have two buttons, one for each arm, and two buttons, one for each leg.

As an example, controls for PS4 are as follows:

  • Left punch – Square
  • Right punch – Triangle
  • Left kick – X
  • Right kick – Circle

Tekken 7 has three distinct basic attacks, namely high, mid and low. The high-attack will hit standing opponents, while the mid-attack will hit both standing and crouching opponents. Lastly, the low-attack will hit both standing and crouching opponents. Pressing or holding in directional buttons while pressing one of the attack buttons will also open up possibilities for other attack moves. Just don’t forget to mix things up. Never spam the same basic attack over and over again, as that is a recipe for disaster.Armed with the basic knowledge of attacking, you can head into the Practice Mode and start learning some easy combos. We suggest you learn the basics of movement in a 3D space.

Fighting Movement in a 3D space

Tekken 7 is about 3D fighting mode. Moving forward and Back dash is an important.For Example you opponent is too fast to defend because of back dash
you are not enough to reach to attack you ight get damaged. The opponent player is smart enough to adjust the distance how you get counter attacked.
There are three keys to understand the movements below.

Dealing balance role in Fighting much.

  • Back Dash Forward
  • Go Forward First
  • Side Step
  • Jump and Crounch

Practical Mode Play – Understand of Frame and Combo

Undertsanding of New character came up 2021 called “Lidia”

As with any fighting game, practice makes perfect. Therefore, it is essential that you head into Tekken 7’s Practice Mode. This mode allows you to practice all the previous points in Tekken 7 beginner’s guide and more. You have access to visual queues for all combos, special moves and launchers. The Practice Mode also provides you with a variety of options and what stances your opponent should take. You can even set your opponent to mimic all your movements.

This is where you truly start to understand the intricacies of the game and how deep it really is. You can go deep into hit or guard or set up certain attacks and so much more. Tekken 7’s Practice Mode is one of the most advanced out there.


  • Pick main and sub character
  • Knows character’s frame in “Practice Mode”
  • Get general idea of fighitng in “Quick Mode”

7 essential Tekken 7 tips for beginners. There is still much to learn such as frame pacing for each move and a plethora of combos to practice with. However, this beginner’s guide should put you on the right path to become a better player. Keep at it and remember, Tekken 7 is a difficult-to-master fighting game.

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