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Kunimitsu (州光) is a title given to two kunoichi characters in the Tekken fighting game series.

Kunimitsu Get idea of Fighting

Kunimitsu is cone of the most agile playable characters in the Tekken7 series, as Kunimitsu attacks have the highest amount of frames per second.Though lacking in strength and range, she can perform acrobatics to dodge, confuse, and evade her opponents. Kunimitsu fights using Japanese called ninjutsu. its majic

Practice Mode

Attacking Frame and Punishiment

Special Move
CommandHit levelDamageStart up frameBlock frameHit frameCounter hit frameNotes
in rage d+1+2m5520 pc8~17-22ThrowThrowRage art
f+2+3m, m (throw)20,6,20166throwthrowRage drive
1, 1h, m7, 1210-566
1, 1, 1+2h, m (KAT)7, 1210-744
1, 1, 1h, m, m (TJ)7,12,2110-11KNDKNDTail spin
1, 1, 2h, m, m7, 12, 2410-9KNDKND
1, 1, 4h, m, m (TJ)7, 12, 23103KNDKND
1, 2h, h7, 810-177
1, 2, 2, Bh, h (BT)7, 910-16-8-8
1, 2, 2h, h, h7,8,1110-1244
1, 2, 4h, h, m (TJ)7,8,2010-14KNDKND
2, 2h, m12,1412-655
2, 2, 1+2h, m (KAT)12,1412-655
2, 2, 2h, m, h12,14,1612-922
2, 2, 2, Fh, m, h (SET)12,14,1612-477
2, 2, 2, 2h, m, h, h12,14,16,1612-722
2, 2, 2, 2, 2, Bh, m, h, h (TJ) (BT)12, 14, 16, 1612-21-12-12
2, 2, 2, 2, 2h, m, h, h, m (TJ)12,14,16,16,2112-10KNDLaunch
3, 4h, h17,2116-5KNDCSTail spin
4, 2h, h (TJ) (special)16,1412-366
3+4m (TJ)1432 js20~-5+6s+6s
3+4, 3+4m, m (TJ)14,1632-5+6s+6s
f+2,3h, h12,2013-6KNDKNDHoming
f+4, Fm (SET)1415077
f+3+4h (TJ)2018 js10~-2KNDTail spinHoming, Tail spin
d/f+1, 2m, m10,1213-1011
d/f+1, 2, 2m, m, m10,12,2013-14sKNDKND
d/f+1, 3m, h10,2013-95Launch
d/f+3, 2m, l (TC)14,2017-15KNDKND
d/f+3, 2, Dm (TC) (cancel)1417s-13-5-3
d/f+1+2m, m (TJ)9,2017-14KNDKND
d/f+3+4m, m10,1017-4+3s+3s
d/f+3+4, Bm, m (BT)10,1017-4+3s+3s
d+1, Dm2319s-3s+5sKND
d+2, 1m, m11,716-12-1-1
d+2, 1, 2m, m, m11,7,716-944
d+2, 1, 2, 1+2m, m, m, m11,7,7,2016-13KNDKND
d+3, 4l, h12,16-900
d+3, 4, 1l, h, sm (Special)12,16,10,25-11ThrowThrow
d+4l (TC)712 cs4~-13-2-2
d/b+1sm (TC)510 cs4~-566
d/b+2, 4m, m15,1516-922
d/b+2, 4, 2m, m, m (TJ)15,15,2116-8sKNDKND
d/b+3 of FC d/b+3l (TC)818 cs6~-25-14-14
d/b+3, 3l (TC), l(TC)8,719 cs6~-19-7-7
d/b+3, 3, 3l (TC), l(TC), l(TC)8,7,720 cs6~-19-7-7
d/b+3 x 4l (TC) x 48,7,7,521 cs6~-19-7-7
d/b+3 x 5l (TC) x 58,7,7,5,5,22 cs6~-19-7-7
d/b+3 x 6l (TC) x 68,7,7,5,5,5,23 cs6~-47-35-35
d/b+3, 3, …, 4l (TC), l(TC), …, m8,7,…,1524 cs6~-8KNDKND
d/b+1+2m2527-14KNDKNDWall bounce
b+1, 1h, h9,10175611
b+1, 1, 1h, h, h9,10,11175611
b+1 x 4h x 49,10,11,12175611
b+1 x 5h x 59,10,11,12,13175611
b+1 x 6h x 69,10,11,12,13,1417-72-71-66
d/b+3 (after b+1 (,1))l (TC)717-20-9-9
d/b+3, 3 (after b+1 (,1))l (TC), l (TC)7,517-19-7-7
d/b+3, 3, 3 (after b+1 (,1))l (TC), l(TC), l(TC)7,5,517-47-35-35
d/b+3, 3, 4 (after b+1 (,1))l (TC), l(TC), m7,5,1517-8KNDKND
b+2m2317 pc8~-13+8k (+20k wc)+8k (+20k wc)Power Crush, Wall Crush
b+3, 4m, m10,2321-20KNDKND
b+4m (TJ) (BT)1518 js17~-866
b+4, 3m, m15,2018 js17~-16KNDLaunch
b+1+2h, m10,2017-11+4s+4s
f, F+2m2419 js21-10KNDLaunch
f, F+4m119 js9~-17-1-1
f, F+4, 2m, m11,239 js9~-17KNDKND
f, F+1+2h!2030KNDKNDKND
f, F+3+4m1522-1211
f, F+3+4, Bm (BT)1522-1211
f, F+3+4, 2m, m (,h) (TJ)15,15,2322-17KNDKND
f, F+3+4, 3m, m (TJ) (BT)15,2022-3KNDKND
f, F+3+4, Um (TJ) (Special)1522-61-48-48
f, N, d, d/f+2m (,h)15,2314 js16~-17KNDKND
qcf+1m (special)10,2515-11ThrowThrow
qcf+1+2m2720 js20~-9DD
f, f, f+2h (throw)20, (,10, 10)150throwthrow
f, f, f+3m3023 js3~�0KNDKND
u/b or u or u/f+1m1218 js9~-12-1-1
u/b or u+2h1713-75throw
u/b or u+2 (counter hit)h17,2513throw
u/f+2l1935 js10~-148KND
u/f+2, D(cancel)35 js10~
u/f+3m1315 js9~-13LaunchLaunch
u/f+3, 4m, h13,2015 js9~-13LaunchLaunch
u/b, u or u/f+4m22 (20)24-7KNDKND
u/b+3+4m2519 js9~-17LaunchLaunch
u+3+4m, m10,1239 js12~+5sKNDKND
MUS 225l25-18KNDJG
MUS 4m3013-14KNDKND
u/f, N, 4m2524 js9~-14KNDKND
u/b,b+3m (TJ)3068�0KNDKND
FC 1sm (TC)510-566
FC 2sm (TC)811-477
FC 3m (TC)1216-17-3-3
FC 4m (TC)1012-15-4-4
WS 1m1113-744
WS 1, 1m, m11,1513-12+3sKND
WS 2m1414-911
WS 2, 4m, h14,2014-9+11kKNDTail spin
WS 2, 4,Fm, h (SET)14,2014-9+11kKNDTail spin
WS 3m1615 js9~-13LaunchLaunch
WS 4m1511-655
FC d/f+2m (TC)1622-132+15g
FC d/f+3m (TC)2018-26KNDKND
SS 2m1317-655
SS 2, Bm (BT)1317-566
SS 2, 1+2m, m, m13,10,2017-10+4s+4s
SS 4l2324-37KNDKND
1+3+4 or BT 1+2+3
2+3+4 or BT 2+3+4
(back agains wall) b, b, u/b21m37-3KNDKND
BT 1h (BT)1515-655
BT 1, 2h, m15,1215-833
BT 1, 2, 1h, m, m (TJ)15,14,2115-11KNDKND
BT 1, 2, 2h, m , m15,14,2415-9KNDKND
BT 1, 2, 4h, m, m (TJ)15,14,23153KNDKND
BT 1, 3h, m15,1215-611
BT 1, 3, Fh, m (SET)15,1215188
BT 2h1212-622
BT 2, 3h, h12,2012-6KNDKND
BT 3m (BT)2024 js6~-3KNDKND
BT 4h1713-3+16kKND
BT 1+2m, m10, 1514-277
BT 3+4 (counters h)m!253~12KNDKND
BT f+1+2m2116-12KNDKND
BT d+1sm (TC)2010 cs1~-299
BT d+2l2017 cs6~-13+3sKND
BT d+3l1210 cs1~-1133
BT d+4l, l10, 1020 cs4~-14+1s+1s
KAT 1m1415-5612
KAT 2m2122-11KNDKND
KAT 3m10-6+2s+2s
KAT 3, 2m, m10,1518-16LaunchLaunch
KAT 4l (TJ)1622 js1~-16-2-2
KAT 4, 2l, h16,2322 js1~-9KNDTail spinTail spin
KAT U(special)
SET 1h1010-388
SET 1, 2h, h10,1310-688
SET 1, 2, 1h, h, m (TJ)10,13,2110-11KNDKNDTail spin
SET 1, 2, 2h, h, m (TJ)10,13,2410-9KNDKND
SET 1, 2, 3h, h, m (TJ)10,13,2310-4KNDKND
SET 1, 2, 4h, h, m (TJ)10,13,2310+3sKNDKND
SET 2m1712-9+12kTail spin
SET 2 (counter hit)m17,1012KND
SET 3l1718 cs6~-160sKND
SET 4m1618-866
SET 4, 3m, m (TJ)16,2318-13KNDKND
SET 3+4(special)js 8~
SET D(special)
SET B(special)
SET u/f+4m1213 js11~-14
SET u/f+4 (hit in front)m12,2513 js11~throwthrow
b+1+3 or b+2+4 (counters h)353~12throw
Kunimitsu combo guide Wonda
Nobi Japanese Professional Gamer Reference Video

Novi is Japan of professional gamers . In 2015, orz became a sponsor and became a professional. Yamasa has been a sponsor since January 2016 .

He specializes in the Tekken series and has a track record of winning three world championships. The character used is ” Sergei Dragunov “. He is working with Yu and Take, who belong to the same Yamasa.

In addition to participating in the tournament as a player, he also holds Tekken training sessions with Yu and Take to improve the skills of the players

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