Tekken7 Blog About Fahkumram


Intoroduce about Fahkumram for Tekken7 Frame Data and Fighitng Style as wel as Combo for Begenner`s Guide. Fahkumram is very oppensive Muay Thai Fighter. Recommendation for Offensive Player.

Fahkumram is a tall, Muay Thai fighter, with bands wrapped over his arms and shins and sporting Muay Thai trunks. He also possesses traditional Muay Thai ‘Pra Jiad’ armbands on both arms.

Fahkumram is an offensive character to pressure opponents. He is particularly effective at pressuring opponents against a wall, as well as controlling the neutral game using his range.

Fahkumram fights using Muay Thai, a combat sport renowned for its additional usage of knees and elbows for striking alongside punches and kicks. Unlike other styles, Muay Thai also holds an emphasis on clinching in order to control the fight and expose the opponent to knee or elbow strikes. It also, in regards to kicks, focuses almost solely on striking opponents using the shins and not the feet.

Unlike fellow practitioner Bruce Irvin, Fakhumram’s style of Muay Thai is strictly traditional and more akin to the older Muay Boran which has several different forms and patterns compared to its modern counterpart. As such, his style of fighting could be classified as ‘pure’ Muay Thai, unlike Bruce’s more Westernized version.

Fighting Style Reference By @ThatBlastedSalami
Combo Reference By @wondagame6160
Special Move for Fahkumram
CommandHit levelDamageStart up frameBlock frameHit frameCounter hit frameNotes
in rage d/f+3+4m,Throw5520 pc8-22ThrowThrowRage art
in rage 3, 4~3+4m,l,h12,10,1013-12KNDKNDRage drive, Tail spin
in rage f+3, 2, 4~3+4m,m,l,h19,17,10,1017-12KNDKNDRage drive, Tail spin
in rage WS+2, 4~3+4m,h,l,h14,10,1016-12KNDKNDRage drive, Tail spin
in rage 1, 2, 4, 3~3+4h,h,h,l,h7,8,17,10,1010-12KNDKNDRage drive, Tail spin
in rage 2, 4, 3~3+4h,h,l,h8,17,10,1012-12KNDKNDRage drive, Tail spin
in rage 4, 3~3+4h,l,h15,10,1012-12KNDKNDRage drive, Tail spin
in rage d+3, 4, 3~3+4l,h,l,h12,17,10,1016-12KNDKNDRage drive, Tail spin
in rage u/f+3+4m (TJ),Throw27(,3,7)15 js15+1ThrowThrowRage drive
1, 1h, m7,1610-744
1, 2h, h7,810-255
1, 2, 1h,h,m7,8,1510-1033
1, 2, 1, 4h,h,m,m7,8,15,2310-11+8(+20w)+8(+20w)Wall crush
1, 2, 4h,h,h7,8,1610-9+6+6
1, 2, 4, 3h,h,h,h7,8,16,1610-766
1, 2, 4, 3~1h,h,h,h7,8,16,2010-4KNDKNDTail spin
1, 2, 4, 3~4h,h,h,m7,8,16,2010-5+11+11
1, 2, 4, 3~4*h,h,h,m7,8,16,2510+14gLaunchLaunch
1, 2, 4, 4h,h,h,l7,8,16,18(,20)10-16-5Throw
1, 4h,h7,1710-833
2, 4h,h8,1612-9+6+6
2, 4, 3h,h,h8,16,1612-766
2, 4, 3~1h,h,h8,16,2012-4KNDKNDTail spin
2, 4, 3~4h,h,m8,16,2012-5+11+11
2, 4, 3~4*h,h,m8,16,2512+14gLaunchLaunch
2, 4, 4h,h,l8,16,18(,20)12-16-5Throw
3, 1m,h11,1213-344
3, 1, 2m,h,h11,12,2013088
3, 1, 4m,h,m11,12,1413-15+1+1
3, 1, 4, 4m,h,m,m11,12,14,2313-15KNDKND
3, 1, d+4m,h,l11,12,1513-16-5+10g
3, 4m,m11,1813-1211
3, 4~3m,m11,2513-7+4+4
3, 4~3*m,m11,251413CSCS
3, 4~4m,h11,25136Tail spinTail spinHoming, Tail spin
4, 3h,h14,1612-766
4, 3~1h,h14,2012-4SdKNDKNDTail spin
4, 3~4h,m14,2012-5+11+11
4, 3~4*h,m14,25+14g+12LaunchLaunch
4, 4h,l14,15(,20)12-16-5Throw
f+2, 1h,h13,2012~14-12KNDKND
f+3, 2m,m18,1617-12-1-1
f+3, 2, 1m,m,h18,16,2017-5KNDKND
f+3, 2, 4m,m,m18,16,2017-126KND
f+3, 2, 4~3m,m,m18,16,2517-7+4+4
f+3, 2, 4~3*m,m,m18,16,251714KNDKND
f+3, 2, 4~4m,m,h18,16,25176KNDKNDHoming, Tail spin
f+1+2m2121-7KNDKNDWall bounce
f+3+4m3025 pc8-12sKNDKNDPower Crush
d/f+1, 2m,h10,1713-366
d/f+1, 2~1m,m10,2013-3KNDKND
d/f+1, 4m,m10,2313-13KNDKNDHoming, Tail spin
d/f+1, 4~1m,m10,2013-3s+7sLaunch
d/f+1, 4~3m,l10,1513-23-4KND
d/f+1, 4~3, 2m,l,m10,15,2313-16LaunchLaunch
d/f+2, 1m,m10,2215-13sKNDKND
d/f+2, 3m,h10,1115-12KNDKND
d/f+4, 3m,h15,2016-9KNDKND
d/f+4, 3~3m,m15,2016+1sKNDKND
d+2sm (TC)1312 cs4-922
d+3, 4l,h11,1616-9+6+6
d+3, 4, 3l,h,h11,16,1616-766
d+3, 4, 3~1l,h,h11,16,2016-4SdKNDKNDTail spin
d+3, 4, 3~4l,h,m11,16,2016-5+11+11
d+3, 4, 3~4*l,h,m11,16,2516+14gLaunchLaunch
d+3, 4, 4l,h,l11,16,18(,20)-1616-5Throw
d+3+4 (Absorbs punch h/m)h2018-17+1+1
d/b+1sm (TC)510 cs4-566
d/b+2, 2m,m16,1616-1311
b+2, 1h,h15,2014-9KNDKND
b+2, 1*h,m15,201414KNDKND
b+2, 3h,l15,2314-14+2cKND
b+3h2716-7KNDKNDHoming, Tail spin
b+4, 3m,m14,1414-1011
b+4, 3, 2m,m,m14,14,2114-12KNDKND
b+3+4 of FC b+3+4parries m/h kicks40 on parry3~10KND
u/b+1m (TJ)2028 js9-5KNDKND
u or u/f+1m (TJ)2028 js9-5LaunchLaunch
u/f+2h2018 pc7~-810g10g
u/b or u+2h1715-1299
u/b+3m (TJ)1823 js9-8KNDKND
u or u/f+3m (TJ)2023 js9-8KNDKND
u/b or u or u/f+4h (TJ)2520 js9-6KNDKND
u/f, N, 4m (TJ)2523 js9-11LaunchLaunch
f, F+2m1815-900
f, F+2, 1m,m18,2215-14KNDKND
f, F+3m25255KNDKND
f, F+4m2522-13KNDKNDHoming, Tail Spin
f, F+4~1m2039-3s+7sLaunch
f, F+4~3l1537-23-4KND
f, F+4~3, 2m15,2337-16LaunchLaunch
f, F+1+2m2218-15LaunchLaunch
b, f, 4h20186KNDKND
f, f, f+3m (TJ)3019~24 js3+9~14gKNDKND
FC+1sm (TC)510-566
FC+2sm (TC)1312-922
FC+d/b or d+3l (TC)1216-17-3-3
FC+4l (TC)1012-15-4-4
WS+1, 2m, h12,2013-9KNDKND
WS+2, 4m,m13,2016-1066
WS+2, 4~3m,m13,2516-7+4+4
WS+2, 4~3*m,m13,251614KNDKND
WS+2, 4~4m,h13,25166KNDKNDHoming, Tail spin
WS+3m (TJ)2015 js15-13LaunchLaunch
FC+d/f+3l (TC)1519-23-4KND
FC+d/f+3, 2l (TC),m15,2319-16LaunchLaunch
SS+4m (TJ)2015 js9-13LaunchLaunch
b, b, u/b (back agains wall)m2529~33-1~+2KNDKND
BT 1 or 2h158-833
BT 3 or 4h1810-8KNDKND
BT d+1 or d+2sm (TC)1010 cs1-299
BT d+3 or d+4l (TC)1210 cs1-1133
SBT 1, 2m, m12,13js1~-9~-8+2~+3+7~+8s
SBT 1, 2, 1m, m, m12,13,7js1~-20~-19-12~-11-12~-11
SBT 1, 2, 1, 3+4m, m, m, mm12,13,10,10,30js1~-18KNDKND
SBT 1, 2, 1 , 3+4, 1+2m, m, m, mm, (DES)12,13,7,5,28js1~-18~-17KNDKND
SBT 2m2516~27 (41~) js1~-8~+3KNDKND
SBT 2, 1+2m, (DES)2516~27 (41~) js1~-8~+3KNDKND
SBT 3l1716~20s (41~) js1~cs9~-14~-10+4~+8sKND
SBT 4m25(,5)17~19 (43~) js1~-27~-25LaunchLaunch
SBT 1+2h (DES)2027~28 (52~) js1~+8+8unblockable
d+1+2 or From special move (to DES)(DES)18~19 (43~) 1~
DES b or F(DES)18~19 (43~) 1~
DES d+1+2 or D/B (Cancel)(DES)18~19 (43~) 1~
DES 1mmhhhm3*5,2014,,,-9KZUDKZUD
DES 2mmm5*320,,-8Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
DES 2 When hit 1m x 3, h!5*3,1420,,Launch
DES 3 or 420,,
DES 1+2hhh7,7,2016,,0+15k+15kHoming
DES f+1h x 73*712,,,+3+11+11
DES f+2(Sky)!3,2,1,1,110,,,KNDKND
DES f+1+2m x 83*7,1323,,,+8CSCS
DES f+1+2, 1+2m x 5, m3*5,20(,3)23,,,(b)-53LaunchLaunch
DES d+1l x 5 (TC)4*4,820~21, cs4~-12+3s+3s
DES d+2llll3*3, (20)26,,,-14~-13+2~+32~+3
DES d+2, *l x 5 or 63*4or5, (20)26,,,-12~-11+4~+5+4~+5
DES b+2m1718~20-12~-100~+2CS
DES b+2, 1m, m, Sm x 417,8,5*418~20-8sKNDKND
DES b+3+4 or b, b or u/b, b(Special) (TJ)a
DES u or d+3+4(Special) (TJ)
DES u or d+3+4, 1(Special) (TJ), m2520~21 (44~)-13KNDKNDWall bounce
DES d/f+1+2m, (DES)2518-13+8k+8kPower Crush
DES u/b or u or u/f+1+2mmm (TJ)9*329,,, js5~28-9sCSCS
DES u/f+1+2, 1+2m x 3 (TJ), (Special)9*329,,, js5~28-9sCSCS
DES BT 1 or 2m x 64*619,,,-9CSCS
DES f+3+4 or f, f (to DBT)(DBT)19,,,
DBT b (Cancel)(Special)19,,,
DBT f+3+4, u or D(Special) (TJ)19,,,
DBT 1h x 65*624,,, js1~20+9+11+11
DBT 2mmhhh8,8,8,20,2516~17,,, js1~-14KNDKND
DBT 2, 1+2mmhhh, (Special)8,8,8,20,2516~17,,, js1~-14KNDKND
DBT 2, 1mmhh, h (TJ)8,8,8,20,45js1~-12~10sKNDKND
DBT 2, 1, 1+2mmhh, h (TJ), (Special)8,8,8,20,45js1~-12~10sKNDKND
DBT 1+2mmmm5,5,5,2012,,, js1~0KNDKND