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Tekken Frame Data describes how much of an advantage or disadvantage a character is at after a move he or she performs is on block or hit.

Every attack in Tekken 7 has some Startup Frames and Recovery Frames on block, hit, and whiff. How fast a character recovers from an attack determines whether you can punish the attacker or not. For instance, every character’s 1 is a punch with 10 Startup Frames and is +1 on block. It means that if Player-A did 1 punch and Player-B blocked it, Player-A’s next move will come 1 frame faster than Player-B’s.

It is important that you have an idea of what your quickest attacks are and how to punish your opponent’s misplays. Now coming to attacks that are -10 frames or higher on block, all of them are considered punishable. Punishing an opponent depends upon a variety of factors like your character’s moves, wall-placement, etc. Generally, an attack that is -10 frames on block is punishable with a quick 1, 2. You can launch an opponent for a combo if you manage to punish an attack that is -15 on block.

Finally, coming to whiffs, every whiffed-attack in Tekken 7 is punishable. You can force an opponent to whiff an attack by moving out of its range, sidestepping, or by crouching the High attacks. For instance, if you manage to whiff Law’s 1, 2 by crouching as Jack-7, you should easily punish it with your WS + 1 with a quick follow-up combo.

What is frame

A frame, in the context of video games, refers to a frame of animation. If we were to analyze this static King of Fighters image above, it would count as 1 frame of animation.

Why frame data is an important?

Whether you want to crunch the numbers or not, frame data is one of the key elements that drives how a game works. Without knowing it, you probably already use your sub-conscious knowledge of frame data to determine the best course of action. If you at least understand the high-level concepts of frame data, you’ll be better understand how the game works, why certain things play out the way they do and how to use frame data to your advantage.

It is always good to experiment with different characters and “know your enemy frame”

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Understanding of Taking advantage of “Attacking Frame”

General Guide for Frame below :

Attacking of Jab

  • hit +8
  • Counter hit +8

When your attack with your opponent, it hits you hvae an oppotunity to attack continously since you have +frame such as +8 for Jab. Because of opponent player are hit the opponent player status is -8 which make more difficult to fight againt you.

Understanding of Taking advantage of “Defending Frame”

As I stated above Block which means +1 for Jab which give you advatnage of +1. next Jab you attempt  10 frame goes to 9 frame since you are blocked +1

Defending of Jab

  • block +1
  • take benefit of block frame + then attack is better
Using “Practice Mode” to strength your frame

Since you are ready for understanding of frame concept you can mix up with any of frame within + or –

Frame advantage can be represented as a positive or negative number. There are also two different types of frame advantage for each move, as frame advantage is different for when a move hits and when a move is blocked. Let’s use Xiaoyu against Zafina in practice mode.


Understanding of Taking advantage of “Attacking Frame”

Understanding of Taking advantage of “Defending Frame”

Knows”Frame Concept”

Using “Practice Mode” to strength your frame

7 essential Tekken 7 tips for beginners. There is still much to learn such as frame pacing for each move and a plethora of combos to practice with. However, this beginner’s guide should put you on the right path to become a better player. Keep at it and remember, Tekken 7 is a difficult-to-master fighting game.

In Next Page, Guide you Punish Idea below
  • Deep understand of Frame Data Table
  • Example of frame movie


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