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Zafina is a playable character in the Tekken series. She was introduced in Tekken 6 and appeared in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. She returns in Tekken 7 as a DLC character included in the third season pass. Sha has alternative way for attacking such as normal and crounching on the ground.

Fighting Style By @ThatBlastedSalami

Zafina’s fighting style, only referred to as “Ancient Assassination Arts“, has unique fighting stances and abnormal moves that director Katsuhiro Harada likened to that of a “spider”. Her style requires large levels of flexibility and even contortionism. Her Scarecrow stance is similar to a common Indian dance pose which has led some fans to erroneously believe that her style is based on Indian Kalaripayat, but the moves depicted in the game actually bear no resemblance to any existing martial art.

Zafina Combo Reference By @wondagame6160
Special Move for Zafina
CommandHit levelDamageStart up frameBlock frameHit frameCounter hit frameNotes
In rage d/f+3+4m (throw)10,4520 pc8~-22throwthrowRage Art
In Rage f+2+3m (throw)10,2014+19gthrowthrowRage Drive
1, 2h, h7,9-544
1, 2, 3h, h, h (SCR)7,9,12099
1, 2, 3, Bh, h, h7,9,12-900
1, 3h, h (SCR)7,14-455
1, 3, Bh, h7,14-811
1, 4h, m (TRT)7,17-52KND
2, 1h, m8,910-6s+2s+2s
2, 1, 3h, m, l (MNT)8,9,1710-17KNDKND
2, 1, 3, Dh, m (MNT)8,910-17s-9s-9s
2, 2h, m8,1210-927
2, 2, 1+2h, m, m*38,12,7,11,2010-9s+4s+4s
3h (SCR)1713099
3, Bh1713-811
1+2, 4m, m20,1216-1016
1+2, 4, 4m, m, m20,12,2616-11KNDKNDTail spin
f+2, 3m, h (SCR)17,1219099
f+2, 3, Bm, h17,1219-900
f+2, 3, 4m, h, m17,12,2519-18KNDKNDWall bounce
f+3h (SCR)28213KNDKNDTail spin
f+3, Bh2821-1KNDKNDTail spin
f+4h1314-6KNDKNDTail spin
d/f+1, 2m, m11,1613-1333
d/f+1, 2, 1m, m, m11,16,2013-13KNDKND
d/f+1, 4m, h11,1813-6+12k+12k
d/f+3m (SCR)1514-544
d/f+3, Bm1514-10-1-1
d/f+3, 4m, h15,1714-6KNDKNDTail spin
d/f+3, d+4m, l (TC)15, 1514-14+1s+1s
d/f+4, 1m, m14,2214-13sKNDKND
d/f+4, 1, Dm (Special)1414-18-2-2
d/f+4, 2m, m14,2014-13KNDKND
d/f+1+2m (TC)20 cs636-9KNDKNDHoming
d+1, 1m, m11,1712-12KNDCS
d+2, 4m, m (TJ) (MNT)17,1319-22-4-4s
d+2, 4, Dm, m (TJ) (TRT)17,1319-22-4-4s
d+2, 4, 3m, m, m (TJ)17,13,1519-13KNDKND
d+3l (TC)1422 cs6-15+2sKND
d+3, Dl (TC) (MNT)1422 cs6-1+4sKND
d+4, 3l, h (TJ)8,1017-6JGJG
d/b+1sm (TC)510 cs4-566
d/b+3l (SCR)1318-833
d/b+3, Bl1518-1100
d/b+4l (TC)1421 cs6-13-43
d/b+4, Dl (TC) (MNT)1421 cs6-14-52
d/b+4, 2l, m14,1721-13LaunchLaunch
d/b+1+2l (TC) (MNT)1728 cs9-16KNDKND
d/b+1+2, 1+2l (TC), m17,1428-14KNDKND
b+1, when hit 1+2m14,3618ThrowThrow
b+3m2324 pc8-9s-5s-5sPower Crush
b+3, Dm (MNT)2324 pc8-8s-4s-4sPower Cursh
b+4, 4m, m14,2022-14KNDKND
b+1+2l (TC)1216 cs7-17-2s-2s
u/b or u+1m (TJ)1218 js9-12-1-1
u/b or u or u/f+22h1715-12+9g+9g
u/b+3m (TJ)1922 js8-17-6-6
u+3m (TJ)2522 js8-8KNDKND
u/f+3m (TJ)2522 js8-8KNDKND
u/b+4m (TJ)1617 js9-17-6-6
u+4m (TJ)1817 js9-13LaunchLaunch
u/f+4m (TJ)1817 js9-13LaunchLaunch
u/f, N, 4m (TJ)2525 js9-9KNDKND
u/f+1+2m (TJ) (TRT)2021 js9-7+6k (+23k wc)CSWall Crush
u/b, b(Special)50
u/b, b+3+4(MNT)56
f, F+2h28151KNDLaunchHoming, Tail spin
f, F+3m (SCR)24204+9sKND
f, F+3, Bm24204+9sKND
f, F+3, 1m, m24,2420-16KNDKND
f, F+4m (TJ)2017 js6-8KNDKNDHoming, Tail spin
f, F+3+4mm (TJ)10,2121 js6-11KNDKND
f, F+3+4, Dmm (TJ) (MNT)10,2121-12KNDKND
f, f, f+3 or WR+3m (TJ)3023 js36KNDKND
WR+4, Dl (TRT)2114-51KNDKND
WR+4, Ul (BT)2114-52KNDKND
FC+1Sm (TC)510-566
FC+2Sm (TC)811-477
FC+3l (TC)1216-17-3-3
FC+4l (TC)1012-15-4-4
WS+1, 2m, m9,1015-13LaunchLaunch
WS+2, Dm (MNT)2018-40LaunchLaunch
WS+3h (SCR)24164KNDLaunch
WS+3, Bh2416-10KNDLaunch
FC+d/f+3l (TC)1523-26KNDKND
FC+d/f+3, Dl (TC) (MNT)1523-26KNDKND
Back against wall b, b, u/bm2139+4sKNDKND
BT 1 or 2h158-833
BT 3 or 4h1810-8KNDKND
BT d+1 or d+2sm (TC)1010-299
BT d+3 or d+4l1210-1134
d+1+2 or FC+d+1+2(TRT)
TRT d/b37
TRT 1l (TRT)1318-115KND
TRT 2m2434-9LaunchLaunch
TRT 3m (TRT)1614-7KNDKND
TRT 3, Um1614-17KNDKND
TRT 3, Dm (MNT)1614-14KNDKND
TRT 4m (MNT)1826-22-4-4s
TRT 4, Dm (TRT)1826-22-4-4s
TRT 4, 3m, m18,1526-13KNDKND
TRT 1+2m, m (TJ)7,2019 js7-12sKNDKNDTail spin
TRT d+1+2l (MNT)2025-21KNDKND
3+4 or FC+d+3(SCR)
SCR d/b19
SCR 1h (SCR)1210-299
SCR 1, 4h, m (TRT)12,1810-67KND
SCR 2m (SCR)1714-77KND
SCR 2, 2m, m17,1714-10+8sKND
SCR 3m (SCR)1513-655
SCR 3, 3m, m (SCR)15,1013-927
SCR 3, 3, 4m, m, l (TC)15,10,1513-25KNDKND
SCR 3, 3, 4, Dm,m,l (MNT)15,10,1513-14KNDKND
SCR 3, f+3m, h (SCR)15,20133KNDKND
SCR 4m (SCR)2514 pc8-13LaunchLaunchPower Crush
SCR 4, Bm2514 pc8-18LaunchLaunchPower Crush
SCR 1+2m28176KNDLaunch
SCR 1+2, Dm (TRT)28176KNDLaunch
SCR 3+4m, m (TJ)10,2018 js6-12+8k+8kTail spin
SCR d/f+3l (TC)1028s cs6-23-10s-10sHoming
SCR d/f+3, Dl (TC) (MNT)1028 cs6-23-15s-15sHoming
SCR d/f+3, 3l (TC), l (TC)10,1028s-23LaunchLaunchHoming
SCR d/f+3, 3, Dl (TC), l (TC) (MNT)10,1028-23LaunchLaunchHoming
SCR d/f+4l (TC)1719 cs6-14+7sKND
SCR d/f+4, Dl (TC) (MNT)1719-14+7sKND
SCR d+3l (SCR)1018-6-3+9g
SCR d+3, 3l, h (SCR)10,28183KNDKNDTail spin
SCR d+3, 3, Bl, h10,2818-1KNDKNDTail spin
SCR d+3, d+3l, l (SCR)10,1518-8+8s+8s
SCR d+4l (TC)2024s cs10-25KNDKND
SCR d+4, Dl (TC) (MNT)2024 cs10-25KNDKND
SCR d+3+4(MNT)67
d+3+4 or FC+d+3+4(MNT)
MNT, d/b30Blocks lows
MNT 1m1213-655
MNT 1, 3m, h (SCR)12,1213099
MNT 1, 3, Bm, h12,1213-811
MNT 2m (MNT)1913-14-3CS
MNT 2, 1m, m (MNT)19,1013-14-3-3
MNT 2, 1, 4m, m, m (MNT)19,10,2513-13KNDKNDTail spin
MNT 2, 1, 4, Bm, m, m19,10,2513-15KNDKNDTail spin
MNT 3l (TC) (MNT)1922-14+3sKND
MNT 3, 4l (TC), l (TC) (MNT)19,1022-17-1-1
MNT 3, 4, 4l (TC), l (TC), m (TC) (TJ)19,10,1822s-12s+1sKND
MNT 3, 4, d+4l (TC), l (TC), l (TC) (MNT)19,10,1622-2499
MNT 4l (TC) (MNT)1317-19-37
MNT 4, Dl (TC) (TRT))1317-20-46
MNT 4, 3l (TC), m (TJ) (MNT)13,2317-30LaunchLaunch
MNT 1+2m2120 pc8~-13sKNDKNDPower Crush
MNT 2+3(MNT) BT25
MNT d/f+2m1019-9LaunchLaunch
MNT d/f+3m (TJ) (MNT)2015 js10-17+19g+19g
MNT d/f+3, 4m (MNT) BT2015-14+22g+22g
MNT d/f+4m (TRT)1817~18-5+13k+13k
MNT d+1l (TC) (MNT)1415-1100
MNT d+1, 4l (TC), m (TJ)14,2315-16KNDLaunchTail spin
MNT d+1, 4, Dl (TC), m (TJ) (MNT)14,2315-15KNDLaunchTail spin
MNT d+3l (TC) (MNT)1215-12-1-1
MNT d+3, 1l (TC), m (MNT)12,1615-9KNDKND
MNT d+4l (TC)1920-24+2sKND
MNT d+4, Dl (MNT)1920-27-1sKND
MNT u/f+3m (TJ)2526s js7-9sKNDKND
MNT u/f+3, Dm (TJ) (MNT)2526 js7-9sKNDKND
b+1+3 or b+2+3m/h parry5, 30