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Intoroduce about Akuma Fighting Method and Tactics for Combo Guideline. Akuma  is also known as Gouki “Great Demon”, “Great Devil” or “Great Ogre” in Japan, Akuma is Special Guest Character in Tekken 7 fron the Street Fighter series and its UDON Comics adaptation. Known for his sheer power with the Satsui no Hadō, Akuma has clashed multiple times with his brother, Gouken, and is the killer of their master, Goutetsu. Akuma was first revealed at the Tekken World Tour 2015 Grand Finals as one of the new characters for Fated Retribution.

Fighting Style By @ThatBlastedSalami

As Akuma is originally from Street Fighter, he possesses the elements of his fighting style that are associated with that series. His trademark attacks are the staples of all the practitioners of his fighting style: the Gohadoken (a wave of spirit energy fired from the hands that acts as a ranged attack; Akuma can also imbue the attack with thermal energy, creating the Shakunetsu Hadoken), the Goshoryuken (a rising reverse-hand uppercut that can hit one or three times), and the Tatsumaki Zankukyaku (a move where the user spins themselves through the air with their leg outstretched, kicking their opponent several times). Of the practitioners of his style, he also possesses unique moves such as the Zanku Hadoken (a jumping variation of the Hadoken that the user throws at an angle as he descends) and Ashura Senku (a move that allows the user to phase forward or backwards, immune to attack until they cease). He also possesses a diving kick called the Tenma Kujinkyaku that allows him to stop his forward momentum in air and come down with a sharp kick from above.

Combo By @wondagame6160
Akuma For Special Move
CommandHit levelDamageStart up frameBlock frameHit frameCounter hit frameNotes
in rage 1, 1, b or f+3, 2m(Throw)5516 pc1~Throw(KND)Throw(KND)Rage art
1 or f+1h710+1+8+8
1, 1h, h7,710-3+4+4
1, 2h, m7,2010-17~-16KNDKND
2 or f+2Sm1515~16-9~-80~+10~+1
3 or b+3h1415-8+3+3
4, 3h, h12,1714~15-5~-4+19kKNDTail spin, Homing
1+2 or WS+1+2h1431 pc8~-20-8-8Power crush
1+2, f, f (Cancel)h14315 pc8~-5+7+7
1+2, b, b (Cancel)h14315 pc8~-15-3-3
1+2, *h2040 pc8~-11CSCSPower crush
1+2*, f, f (Cancel)h20405 pc8~+4CS(21)CS(21)Power crush
1+2*, b, b (Cancel)h20405 pc8~-6CS(11)CS(11)Power crush
1+2, (Hold long as possible)*h!2565 pc8~54CSCSCSPower crush
1+2 (Hold long as possible)*, f, f (Cancel)h2565 pc8~CS(21)CS(21)CS(21)Power crush
1+2 (Hold long as possible)*, b, b (Cancel)h2565 pc8~CS(11)CS(11)CS(11)Power crush
f+4h2016~17-5~-4KNDKNDTail spin, Homing
f+1+2 (Second hit miss)m520
f+3+4m (TJ)(TPORT)2022~23a js9~-9~-8+2~+3+2~+3Homing
d/f+1, 1m, h10,713~14-3+6+6
d/f+1, 2m, mm10,5,1513~14-13s+7s+7s
d/f+1, 2 (Third hit miss)m, m10,513~14
d/f+2, 1m, m10,1016~17-18~-17Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
d/f+2, 4m, m10,1316~17-1100
d/f+2, 4, 3m, m, m10,13,2316~17-17~-16KNDKND
d/f+1+2m2020 pc8~-14KNDKNDPower crush
d/b or d+1 or FC+1Sm (TC)510s cs4or1~-5+6+6
d/b or d+1, 2 or FC+1, 2Sm (TC), Sm (TC)5,6s js1~-13-2-2
d/b or d+2 or FC+2Sm (TC)612s cs4or1~-4+7+7
d/b or d+3 or FC+3 (Close)l (TC)1015s cs6or1~-13-4-4
d/b or d+3 or FC+3l (TC)715s cs6or1~-13-4-4
d/b or d+4 or FC+4l (TC)1717~18s cs6or1~-27KNDKND
f, F+2m1415(16~)-14-2-2
f, F+2:1m, m14,2015(16~)-13~-12KNDKND
f, F+4m2320~21 (21~)0~+1+2~+3s+2~+3s
f, f, f+1h3016~17 (19~)+6~+7 (+17~+18 wc)KNDKNDWall Crush
f, f, f+3m (TJ)3026~31 (29~) js6~+4~+9KNDKND
WR+4l (TJ)2320~26 (53~)-24~-18KNDKND
WS+2m1715~16-15~-14Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
WS+4, 4m, m10,2011~12-15~-14-5~-4sTUD
Vertical jump 1m (TJ)107(16~43) js1~-25~+2-15~+12-15~+12
Vertical jump 2m (TJ)159(18~43) js1~-18~+7-8~+17-8~+17
Vertical jump 3m (TJ)107(16~43) js1~-25~+2-15~+12-15~+12
Vertical jump 4m (TJ)159(18~43) js1~-18~+7-8~+17-8~+17
Forward or backward jump 1m (TJ)109(14~40) js1~-23~+4-13~+14-13~+14
Forward or backward jump 2m (TJ)159(14~40) js1~-18~+9-8~+19-8~+19
Forward or backward jump 3m (TJ)107(12~40) js1~-26~+2-16~+12-16~+12
Forward or backward jump 4m (TJ)157(13~40) js1~-20~+9-10~+19-10~+19
Top of forward jump d+3m (TJ)1413~ (13~34) js1~+4~+11g+9s~+16s+9s~+16s
qcf+1 or qcf+2Sm1219~-13~-5~-5~
qcf+1, 1+2, f, fSm1219~+7?~+15~+15~
hcb+2Sm x 39,9,933~,41,49-1~KNDKND
f, d, d/f+1Sm1510a cs6~-26Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
f, d, d/f+1, 1+2f, fSm1510a cs6~+1Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
f, d, d/f+2Sm x 36,6,2011,23,35a cs6~7-34 (~16?a)Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
f, d, d/f+2, 1+2f, f (Only first hit)Sm611a cs6~70~+14
f, d, d/f+2, 1+2f, f (Only two first hits)Sm x 26,611,23a cs6~7+?Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
f, d, d/f+3(or 4)(Special) (TJ)(DFLIP)11,23 6~7
DFLIP nl234~10 (51~)-24~-18KNDKND
DFLIP 1h157~ (34~46) js1~-4~+7KNDKND
DFLIP 2m2016~20 (52~55) js1~-9~-5sKNDKND
DFLIP 3m1714~ (41~52) js1~-10~+1+24k+24kTail spin, Homing
DFLIP 4Sm1512~ (44~52) js1~+4~+7g+16~+19s+16~+19s
DFLIP qcf+1+2Sm, Sm10,1010,23 js1~-14~+20+0~+32+0~+32
DFLIP 1+3 or 2+4h(Throw)30(32~)Throw(KND)
qcb+3h (TJ)1015 js9~-15KNDKNDTail spin
qcb+4Sm (TJ), h x 313,6,6,610,25,44,54a js13~-15KNDKND
Jump qcf+1 or 2Sm1018(~) js1~-21~-11~-11~
Jump qcb+3 or 4Sm1013(~) js1~-9~+2KNDKND
f, d, d/f+3+4 or b, d, d/b+3+4(Special)5inv
qcf+1+2Sm, Sm10,1019~+1~KNDKND
hcb+1+2Sm x 312,12,1228~,36,44+9~KNDKND
f, d, d/f+1+2Sm x 36,6,2311,23,35a-34Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
f, d, d/f+1+2 (On counter)Sm, (throw)7,8,9,9,911,,,Throw(Launch)
qcb+3+4Sm x 410,10,10,2010,24,39,44 js10~-8 / -18KNDKNDTail spin
Jump qcf+1+2Sm, Sm10,1010,23 js1~-13~+20+4~+32+4~+32
Jump qcb+3+4Sm1013~ js1~-4~+9KNDKND
TPORT(f+3+4) qcf+1+2m (TJ), Sm x 2(TPORT)20,10,10js1~-5~-1+5~+9+5~+9
TPORT(f+3+4) qcb+3+4m (TJ), Sm x 3(TPORT)20,6,6,20js1~-15KNDKND
TPORT(f+3+4) qcb+3+4 (Third hit miss)m (TJ), Sm x 2(TPORT)20,6,6js1~-25KNDKND
TPORT(f+3+4) qcb+3+4 (second and third hit miss)m (TJ), Sm(TPORT)20,61~-35KNDKND
qcf, qcf+1+2Sm x 558(20*5)10~,,,,+2~KNDKND
Akuma For Basic Move
CommandHit levelDamageStart up frameBlock frameHit frameCounter hit frameNotes
f+4h2016-17-5~-4KNDKNDTail spin, Homing
f, F+1h710(11~)+1+8+8
f, F+2m1416?(17?~)-13?-1?-1?Wall bounce
f, F+3m1817(18~)-8+2+2
f, F+4m2320?(~)+2+4s+4s
d+1Sm (TC)510-5+6+6
d+2Sm (TC)612-4+7+7
d/b or d+3 (Close)l (TC)?1015-11-2-2
d/b or d+3 (Far)l (TC)?615-11?-2?-2?
d+4l (TC)1717~?-26~?KNDKND
d/b+1Sm (TC)510-5+6+6
d/b+2Sm (TC)612-4+7+7
d/b or d+3 (Close)l (TC)?1015-11-2-2
d/b or d+3 (Far)l (TC)?615-11?-2?-2?
d/b+4l (TC)2017~?-26~?KNDKND
FC+1Sm (TC)510-5+6+6
FC+2Sm (TC)612-4+7+7
FC+3 (Close)l (TC)?1015-11-2-2
FC+3 (Far)l (TC)?615-11?-2?-2?
FC+4l (TC)2017~?-26~?KNDKND
WS+2m1715-15?Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
Vertical jump 1m (TJ)1019(~)+?
Vertical jump 2m (TJ)2019(~)(~)
Vertical jump 3m (TJ)1019(~)(~)(~)+?
Vertical jump 4m (TJ)2019(~)(~)(~)(~)+
Forward jump 1m (TJ)(~)-?+?+?
Forward jump 1 (Close to ground)m (TJ)(~)
Forward jump 2m (TJ)15(~)(~)+3?+14?+14?
Forward jump 2 (Close to ground)m (TJ)15(~)(~)(~)+7+17+17
Forward jump 3m (TJ)(~)
Forward jump 3 (Close to ground)m (TJ)(~)+2+12+12
Forward jump 4m (TJ)15(~)(~)+3?+14?+14?
Forward jump 4 (Close to ground)m (TJ)15(~)(~)(~)+7+17+17
Forward jump Top of jump d+3m (TJ)14(~)(~)(~)+4~+sKND
BT 1 or 2h208-8+3+3
BT 3 or 4h3310-8KNDKND
BT d+1 or 2Sm1010s-2+9+9
BT d+3 or 4l1210s-11+3+3