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Zafina is a playable character in the Tekken series. She was introduced in Tekken 6 and appeared in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. She returns in Tekken 7 as a DLC character included in the third season pass. Sha has alternative way for attacking such as normal and crounching on the ground.

Fighting Style By @ThatBlastedSalami

Zafina’s fighting style, only referred to as “Ancient Assassination Arts“, has unique fighting stances and abnormal moves that director Katsuhiro Harada likened to that of a “spider”. Her style requires large levels of flexibility and even contortionism. Her Scarecrow stance is similar to a common Indian dance pose which has led some fans to erroneously believe that her style is based on Indian Kalaripayat, but the moves depicted in the game actually bear no resemblance to any existing martial art.

Zafina Combo Reference By @wondagame6160
Special Move for Zafina
CommandHit levelDamageStart up frameBlock frameHit frameCounter hit frameNotes
In rage d/f+3+4m (throw)10,4520 pc8~-22throwthrowRage Art
In Rage f+2+3m (throw)10,2014+19gthrowthrowRage Drive
1, 2h, h7,9-544
1, 2, 3h, h, h (SCR)7,9,12099
1, 2, 3, Bh, h, h7,9,12-900
1, 3h, h (SCR)7,14-455
1, 3, Bh, h7,14-811
1, 4h, m (TRT)7,17-52KND
2, 1h, m8,910-6s+2s+2s
2, 1, 3h, m, l (MNT)8,9,1710-17KNDKND
2, 1, 3, Dh, m (MNT)8,910-17s-9s-9s
2, 2h, m8,1210-927
2, 2, 1+2h, m, m*38,12,7,11,2010-9s+4s+4s
3h (SCR)1713099
3, Bh1713-811
1+2, 4m, m20,1216-1016
1+2, 4, 4m, m, m20,12,2616-11KNDKNDTail spin
f+2, 3m, h (SCR)17,1219099
f+2, 3, Bm, h17,1219-900
f+2, 3, 4m, h, m17,12,2519-18KNDKNDWall bounce
f+3h (SCR)28213KNDKNDTail spin
f+3, Bh2821-1KNDKNDTail spin
f+4h1314-6KNDKNDTail spin
d/f+1, 2m, m11,1613-1333
d/f+1, 2, 1m, m, m11,16,2013-13KNDKND
d/f+1, 4m, h11,1813-6+12k+12k
d/f+3m (SCR)1514-544
d/f+3, Bm1514-10-1-1
d/f+3, 4m, h15,1714-6KNDKNDTail spin
d/f+3, d+4m, l (TC)15, 1514-14+1s+1s
d/f+4, 1m, m14,2214-13sKNDKND
d/f+4, 1, Dm (Special)1414-18-2-2
d/f+4, 2m, m14,2014-13KNDKND
d/f+1+2m (TC)20 cs636-9KNDKNDHoming
d+1, 1m, m11,1712-12KNDCS
d+2, 4m, m (TJ) (MNT)17,1319-22-4-4s
d+2, 4, Dm, m (TJ) (TRT)17,1319-22-4-4s
d+2, 4, 3m, m, m (TJ)17,13,1519-13KNDKND
d+3l (TC)1422 cs6-15+2sKND
d+3, Dl (TC) (MNT)1422 cs6-1+4sKND
d+4, 3l, h (TJ)8,1017-6JGJG
d/b+1sm (TC)510 cs4-566
d/b+3l (SCR)1318-833
d/b+3, Bl1518-1100
d/b+4l (TC)1421 cs6-13-43
d/b+4, Dl (TC) (MNT)1421 cs6-14-52
d/b+4, 2l, m14,1721-13LaunchLaunch
d/b+1+2l (TC) (MNT)1728 cs9-16KNDKND
d/b+1+2, 1+2l (TC), m17,1428-14KNDKND
b+1, when hit 1+2m14,3618ThrowThrow
b+3m2324 pc8-9s-5s-5sPower Crush
b+3, Dm (MNT)2324 pc8-8s-4s-4sPower Cursh
b+4, 4m, m14,2022-14KNDKND
b+1+2l (TC)1216 cs7-17-2s-2s
u/b or u+1m (TJ)1218 js9-12-1-1
u/b or u or u/f+22h1715-12+9g+9g
u/b+3m (TJ)1922 js8-17-6-6
u+3m (TJ)2522 js8-8KNDKND
u/f+3m (TJ)2522 js8-8KNDKND
u/b+4m (TJ)1617 js9-17-6-6
u+4m (TJ)1817 js9-13LaunchLaunch
u/f+4m (TJ)1817 js9-13LaunchLaunch
u/f, N, 4m (TJ)2525 js9-9KNDKND
u/f+1+2m (TJ) (TRT)2021 js9-7+6k (+23k wc)CSWall Crush
u/b, b(Special)50
u/b, b+3+4(MNT)56
f, F+2h28151KNDLaunchHoming, Tail spin
f, F+3m (SCR)24204+9sKND
f, F+3, Bm24204+9sKND
f, F+3, 1m, m24,2420-16KNDKND
f, F+4m (TJ)2017 js6-8KNDKNDHoming, Tail spin
f, F+3+4mm (TJ)10,2121 js6-11KNDKND
f, F+3+4, Dmm (TJ) (MNT)10,2121-12KNDKND
f, f, f+3 or WR+3m (TJ)3023 js36KNDKND
WR+4, Dl (TRT)2114-51KNDKND
WR+4, Ul (BT)2114-52KNDKND
FC+1Sm (TC)510-566
FC+2Sm (TC)811-477
FC+3l (TC)1216-17-3-3
FC+4l (TC)1012-15-4-4
WS+1, 2m, m9,1015-13LaunchLaunch
WS+2, Dm (MNT)2018-40LaunchLaunch
WS+3h (SCR)24164KNDLaunch
WS+3, Bh2416-10KNDLaunch
FC+d/f+3l (TC)1523-26KNDKND
FC+d/f+3, Dl (TC) (MNT)1523-26KNDKND
Back against wall b, b, u/bm2139+4sKNDKND
BT 1 or 2h158-833
BT 3 or 4h1810-8KNDKND
BT d+1 or d+2sm (TC)1010-299
BT d+3 or d+4l1210-1134
d+1+2 or FC+d+1+2(TRT)
TRT d/b37
TRT 1l (TRT)1318-115KND
TRT 2m2434-9LaunchLaunch
TRT 3m (TRT)1614-7KNDKND
TRT 3, Um1614-17KNDKND
TRT 3, Dm (MNT)1614-14KNDKND
TRT 4m (MNT)1826-22-4-4s
TRT 4, Dm (TRT)1826-22-4-4s
TRT 4, 3m, m18,1526-13KNDKND
TRT 1+2m, m (TJ)7,2019 js7-12sKNDKNDTail spin
TRT d+1+2l (MNT)2025-21KNDKND
3+4 or FC+d+3(SCR)
SCR d/b19
SCR 1h (SCR)1210-299
SCR 1, 4h, m (TRT)12,1810-67KND
SCR 2m (SCR)1714-77KND
SCR 2, 2m, m17,1714-10+8sKND
SCR 3m (SCR)1513-655
SCR 3, 3m, m (SCR)15,1013-927
SCR 3, 3, 4m, m, l (TC)15,10,1513-25KNDKND
SCR 3, 3, 4, Dm,m,l (MNT)15,10,1513-14KNDKND
SCR 3, f+3m, h (SCR)15,20133KNDKND
SCR 4m (SCR)2514 pc8-13LaunchLaunchPower Crush
SCR 4, Bm2514 pc8-18LaunchLaunchPower Crush
SCR 1+2m28176KNDLaunch
SCR 1+2, Dm (TRT)28176KNDLaunch
SCR 3+4m, m (TJ)10,2018 js6-12+8k+8kTail spin
SCR d/f+3l (TC)1028s cs6-23-10s-10sHoming
SCR d/f+3, Dl (TC) (MNT)1028 cs6-23-15s-15sHoming
SCR d/f+3, 3l (TC), l (TC)10,1028s-23LaunchLaunchHoming
SCR d/f+3, 3, Dl (TC), l (TC) (MNT)10,1028-23LaunchLaunchHoming
SCR d/f+4l (TC)1719 cs6-14+7sKND
SCR d/f+4, Dl (TC) (MNT)1719-14+7sKND
SCR d+3l (SCR)1018-6-3+9g
SCR d+3, 3l, h (SCR)10,28183KNDKNDTail spin
SCR d+3, 3, Bl, h10,2818-1KNDKNDTail spin
SCR d+3, d+3l, l (SCR)10,1518-8+8s+8s
SCR d+4l (TC)2024s cs10-25KNDKND
SCR d+4, Dl (TC) (MNT)2024 cs10-25KNDKND
SCR d+3+4(MNT)67
d+3+4 or FC+d+3+4(MNT)
MNT, d/b30Blocks lows
MNT 1m1213-655
MNT 1, 3m, h (SCR)12,1213099
MNT 1, 3, Bm, h12,1213-811
MNT 2m (MNT)1913-14-3CS
MNT 2, 1m, m (MNT)19,1013-14-3-3
MNT 2, 1, 4m, m, m (MNT)19,10,2513-13KNDKNDTail spin
MNT 2, 1, 4, Bm, m, m19,10,2513-15KNDKNDTail spin
MNT 3l (TC) (MNT)1922-14+3sKND
MNT 3, 4l (TC), l (TC) (MNT)19,1022-17-1-1
MNT 3, 4, 4l (TC), l (TC), m (TC) (TJ)19,10,1822s-12s+1sKND
MNT 3, 4, d+4l (TC), l (TC), l (TC) (MNT)19,10,1622-2499
MNT 4l (TC) (MNT)1317-19-37
MNT 4, Dl (TC) (TRT))1317-20-46
MNT 4, 3l (TC), m (TJ) (MNT)13,2317-30LaunchLaunch
MNT 1+2m2120 pc8~-13sKNDKNDPower Crush
MNT 2+3(MNT) BT25
MNT d/f+2m1019-9LaunchLaunch
MNT d/f+3m (TJ) (MNT)2015 js10-17+19g+19g
MNT d/f+3, 4m (MNT) BT2015-14+22g+22g
MNT d/f+4m (TRT)1817~18-5+13k+13k
MNT d+1l (TC) (MNT)1415-1100
MNT d+1, 4l (TC), m (TJ)14,2315-16KNDLaunchTail spin
MNT d+1, 4, Dl (TC), m (TJ) (MNT)14,2315-15KNDLaunchTail spin
MNT d+3l (TC) (MNT)1215-12-1-1
MNT d+3, 1l (TC), m (MNT)12,1615-9KNDKND
MNT d+4l (TC)1920-24+2sKND
MNT d+4, Dl (MNT)1920-27-1sKND
MNT u/f+3m (TJ)2526s js7-9sKNDKND
MNT u/f+3, Dm (TJ) (MNT)2526 js7-9sKNDKND
b+1+3 or b+2+3m/h parry5, 30

Tekken7 Blog Kazumi Mishima


Kazumi Mishima  is a character in the Tekken series of 3D fighting games. She is the late wife of Heihachi Mishima, the late daughter-in-law of Jinpachi Mishima, the late mother of Kazuya Mishima and the late grandmother of Jin Kazama. She was introduced in Tekken 7 as a new character, and as the posthumous antagonist of the game. She was originally one of the unplayable bosses along with Jin, prior to the release of the Arcade version.

Get idea of Fighting

Kazumi’s fighting style is Hachijo-Style Karate but mixes with Mishima-Style Karate. She utilizes a strong combination of the two styles, to the degree she was a threat to Heihachi in his prime.

Kazumi has a combination of both Heihachi and Kazuya’s moves, gaining both their Demon Slayer and Flash Punch Combo. Her moves include vicious punches and hand chops, and another skill where she flurries her opponent with several punches as well as knocking her opponent with both a roundhouse kick and a straight kick. Her unique ability is to summon her pet tiger which can be done during a combo or individually. It is also seen after Kazumi performs an uppercut along with her tiger. She shares her husband’s Hell Axle but has an additional downward kick and his unblockable move, though it is not as strong as his. She also has a taunt where she calmly pets her tiger during the fight.

Kazumi is a rushdown character, pummeling her opponents with effective, delayable pokes that she can loop over and over, forcing the opponent to challenge her. Her pokes also move her forward, keeping her close to the opponent.

Fighting Style

While she is at her best up close and personal, she has an incredible approach tool. She is good at forcing opponents towards the wall, as some of her moves have significant pushback.

Kazumi’s Devil Kazumi Rage Art move involves stunning her opponent with a single punch to the gut, knocking them with an uppercut, unleashing a single punch and a kick with two consecutive punches followed by another kick in mid-air and finally slamming the opponent with a heavy blow on their chest before landing on the ground.

However, she also has notable weaknesses. Firstly, she has mediocre combo damage. Also, her fastest launching move – a “hop knee” – is significantly lacking in range, making it whiff against moves with a lot of pushback. Finally, Kazumi’s lows are mediocre. Her best lows leave her standing, making her vulnerable to counter hits.

All in all, Kazumi is a very solid character that can bully, frustrate, and break down opponents with her pokes.

Finally, she has good wall carry, good okizeme, varied power crush moves (one hits high and is safe, while the other hits are mid and have good damage), fast-tracking moves, good options when the opponent’s back is against the wall, including, but not limited to, two command grabs (one of which is unbreakable) that splats the opponent to the wall, and finally, a relatively low execution requirement.

Combo Guide
Special Move for Kazumi
CommandHit levelDamageStart up frameBlock frameHit frameCounter hit frameNotes
in rage d+1+2m5520 pc8~17-22KNDKNDRage art
in rage f, F+1+2m(, Sm)17,2013(14~) ,35~-12 (wl-6)LaunchLaunchRage art
1, 1h, h7,610-3~-2+6~+7+6~+7
1, 1, 2h, h, m7,6,1210-17KNDKND
1, 2h, h7,810-3+5+5
1, 2, 2h, h, h7,8,1210-12+4+4
2, 1h, m10,1012-5+7+7
3, 1m, m14,2015~16-13~-12+8k+8kTail spin
3, 2m, h14,1515~16-1~0sKNDKND
4h1511~12-9~-8+5~+6Launch (JG?)
1+2mm(, Sm)3,7(,20)12,21~22 (,44)-14~-13-8-8
1+2fmm(, Sm)3,7(,20)12,21~22 (,44)-14~-13+9
f+2h2517~18 pc8~16-9~-8KNDKNDPower crush
f+3, fm, (Special) (TJ)1318a+5+18g+18g
f+4h2016~17-8~-7+11~+12kg+11~+12kgTail spin, Homing
d/f+1, 2m, m10,2113~14-13sKNDKND
d/f+2m?(, Sm)20(,9)18a(,38)-24LaunchLaunch
d+1, 2m, m15,2516~17-13~-12ThrowThrow
d+4l1016~17s cs4~-13~-12-2~-1-2~-1
d+3+4l712 cs4~-13-2-2
d/b+2l (TC)1823s cs6~-14s-3+6s
d/b+2, 3l, l15,12s cs1~-14~-13s0~+1+6~+7s
d/b+2, 3, 4l, l, l (TC)15,12,12s cs1~-14~-13s+5~+6sKND
b+1, 2h, m17,2020-9~-10+7~+8+7~+8
b+2m1215~16-9~-8+4~5+4~5Tail spin, Homing
b+1+2Attack returned(, m, Sm)5,3045~46, 76 pc6~-13TKF(+17)TKF(+17)Power crush
b+3+4 or RSS B(Special) (TJ)a
u/b or u or u/f+2h(, Sm)12(,20)14(,37)-14-8-8
u/b or u or u/f+2fh(, Sm)12(,20)14(,37)-14+9+9
u/f+3m (TJ)2028~29a js9~-12~-11KNDKND
u/f+3, 4m (TJ), m (TJ)20,12js1~0~-1KNDKND
u/f+3, 4, 1m (TJ), m (TJ), m20,12,24js1~24-11~-6-5~0s-5~0s
u/f+3, 4, 3m (TJ), m (TJ), m20,12,17js1~29-11~-10+8~+9k+8~+9kTail spin
u/b+4m1115~16 js9~-15~-14-4~-3-4~-3
u+4m1515~16 js9~-13~-12KNDLaunch (JG?)
u/f+4m1315~16 js13~-13~-12Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
f, F+2m(, (throw))17(,20)13(14~) ,67 pc6~12-13Throw(KND)Throw(KND)Power crush
f, F+4m2120~21 (21~)-7~-6KNDKND
b, f+2m1215~16 (15~)-12~-11-~01FS (+6~+7) 19~20
b, f+2, 1m, m12,915~16 (15~)-14~-13-1~0-1~0
b, f+2, 1, 4m, m, h12,9,2015~16 (15~)-6~-5+13kg+13kgTail spin, Homing
b, f+2, 1, 1+2m, m, m(, Sm)12,9,13(,20)15~16 (15~)-14~-13KNDKND
f, f, f+1h3015~17 (18~)+7~+9KNDKND
f, f, f+2m2515~16 (18~)-4~-3KNDKND
WS+1, 2m, m12,2312~13-13~-12KNDKND
WS+2m?2018~19-12~-11Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
WS+4, 4m, h13,1611~12-6~-5+13~+14kg+13~+14kgTail spin, Homing
FC+d/b or d+4l1016~17s cs1~-15~-14-4~-3-4~-3
FC+d/f+4l1012 cs1~-15-4-4
Opponent Down d+2l(On grounded opponent)1617~18-13~-12-2~-1-2~-1
f+3+4 or f, f+3+4 or b+3+4, f(RSS) (TJ)a
RSS 1m2519(35~) js1~10-11KNDKNDWall bounce
RSS 2h2015(28~) js1~8-10Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
RSS 3m2023~27a (39~) js1~-7~-3+7s~+11sKND
RSS 4l1718(34~) js1~10-31+5s(KND)+5s(KND)
RSS 4, 2l, m17,2018(34~) 1~10-16~-15KNDKND
RSS 1+2m2022(38~) js1~8+11g (+23g wc)+8KNDWall crush
RSS 3+4m, m7, 2019-15LaunchLaunch
RSS f+1+2!3050(66~) js1~8CSCSCS
RSS 1+3m(Throw), m1546(62~)Throw(+8)
Basic Move for Kazumi
CommandHit levelDamageStart up frameBlock frameHit frameCounter hit frameNotes
4h1811~12-9~-8+5~+6Launch (JG?)
f+2h2517~18 pc8~16-9~-8KNDKNDPower crush
f+4h2016~17-8~-7+11~+12kg+11~+12kgTail spin, Homing
d/f+2m?(, Sm)20(,9)18a(,38)-24LaunchLaunch
d+2Sm (TC)811s cs4~-4+7+7
d+3l (TC)1216s cs4~-17-3-3
d+4l1016~17s cs4~-13~-12-2~-1-2~-1
d+3+4l712 cs4~-13-2-2
d/b+1Sm (TC)510s cs4~-5+6+6
d/b+2l (TC)1823s cs6~-14s-3+6s
b+2m1215~16-9~-8+12~+13kg+12~+13kgTail spin, Homing
u/b or u or u/f+1m (TJ)1218 js9~-8+3+3
u/b or u or u/f+2h(, Sm)12(,20)14(,37)-14KNDKND
u/b+3m (TJ)1615~16 js9~-20~-19-9~-8-9~-8
u+3m (TJ)1615~16 js9~-20~-19KNDKND
u/f+3m (TJ)2028~29a js9~-12~-11KNDKND
u/b+4m1115~16 js9~-15~-14-4~-3-4~-3
u+4m1515~16 js9~-13~-12KNDLaunch (JG?)
u/f+4m1315~16 js9~-13~-12Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
u/f, n+4m (TJ)2523(29,35) js9~33-11(-13)Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
WS+2m?2018~19-12~-11Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
FC+1Sm (TC)510s cs1~-5+6+6
FC+2Sm (TC)1811s cs1~-4+7+7
FC+3l (TC)1216s cs1~-17-3-3
FC+d/b or d+4l1016~17s cs1~-15~-14-4~-3-4~-3
FC+d/f+4l1012 cs1~-15-4-4
SS+3m1415~16 (15~)-8~-7+8~+9+8~+9
SS+4h1811~12 (12~)-7~-6+5~+6Launch (JG?)
BT 1 or 2h158-8+3+3
BT 3 or 4h2510-8KNDKND
BT d+1 or 2Sm1010s cs1~-2+9+9
BT d+3 or 4l1210s cs1~-11+3+3Power crush

Tekken7 Blog Anna Williams


Anna Williams (Japanese: アンナ・ウィリアムズ, Hepburn: Anna Wiriamuzu) is a fictional character in the Tekken fighting game series, first appearing in Tekken in 1994. Anna is the narcissistic and arrogant younger sister of the quiet and serious Nina Williams, the personal bodyguard of Kazuya Mishima and second-in-command at G Corporation. She is also, although unbeknownst to her, the maternal aunt of boxing competitor Steve Fox. She is defined by her rivalry with her older sister Nina, a trait that has been around since the original Tekken game.

Anna originally shared most of her moves with her older sister Nina, but has since gained a more idiosyncratic moveset. In the other Tekken media, including films, Anna usually appears in role of a minor villainess. The character was met with positive critical reception.


Anna’s style was further refined in Tekken7 to make her more unique and to further differentiate herself from her sister Nina, now having much fewer strings that are the same as her. Her style now appears to have a more femme fatale like spin on it, as she has a lot of moves that seem to involve sensually theatrical poses, as well as overtly feminine positions similar to Lili.

She has caos judgement which is defensive style of fighting when you are attempting to attack lower kick she jumps up for self defense

Additionally, she is much easier to use than Nina due to her more gentle, less-execution-heavy nature of her sister since her basic launchers are more damaging and less reliant on execution as a result.

Novice players that are fans of the Williams sisters (or Anna herself) shouldn’t hesitate in picking her up – she is actually more rewarding than one may think if her best tools are put to good use.

Combo Guide
Comobo Guido
Anna Get idea of Fighting

Anna uses a fighting style based on the Aikido taught to her by her mother, and the Koppojutsu of her father. As she was closer to her mother, Anna’s style is closer to Aikido than that of her sister, who leans more to the techniques learned by their father. She uses precise chops and kicks, aiming at vulnerable points of the body of her opponent. In close range, she uses her abilities to apply destructive joint locks and throws to take out the opponent.

Anna William For Tekken7 Special Move
CommandHit levelDamageStart up frameBlock frameHit frameCounter hit frameNotes
in rage b+1+2h5513-9Throw(KND)Throw(KND)Rage art
in rage qcf+2+3 or d/f+2+3m, m17,2015+5sJGJGRage drive
1, 2h, h7,1010-1+5+5
1, 2, 1h, h, h7,10,610-3+4+4
1, 2, 1, 4h, h, h, h7,10,6,1810+7JGJG
1, 2, 1, d+4h, h, h, l7,10,6,1210 cs-13-2-2
1, 2, 3h, h, l10 cs7,10,10-14-3-3
1, 2, 4h, h, h7,10,2210-6KNDCSTail spin
1, 4h, l7,1210 cs-13-2-2
2, 1h, h10,610-3+4+4
2, 1, 4h, h, h10,6,18107JGJG
2, 1, d+4h, h, l (TC)10,6,1210-13-2-2
2, 3h, m10,1410-1100
2, 3, Bh, m (CJM)10,1410-3+8+8
2, 4h, h10,2210-6KNDCSTail spin
2, d+3h, l (TC)10,1010-14-3-3
3, 3h, l (TC)14,1014-17-6-6
3, 3, 2h, l, m14,10,1014-13JGJG
3, 3, 4h, l, h14,10,1814-6+5JG
3, 3, 4, 1h, l, h, m14,10,18,2014+2s+5sKND
3, 4h, h14,214-6KNDKND
4, 3h, l (TC)15,1311-14-3-3
f+2, 3h, h14,214-712k+12kTail spin
f+3, Bm (CJM)1417-5+4+4
f+3, 2m, m14,2017-11KNDKNDTail spin
f+4m2819~20 js14-11~-10KNDKNDWall bounce
f+1+2 or WS+1+2m2118-18KNDKND
d/f+1, 2m, h13,1013-3+2+9
d/f+1, 2, 3m, h, m (TJ)13,10,2013-13LaunchLaunch
d/f+1, 2, 3, bm, h13, 1013-17-12-5
d/f+1, 2, 4m, h, h13,10,2213-5KNDKNDTail spin
d/f+3, 1, u or dm (SS)1314-1200
d/f+3, 1, bm (CJM)1314-15-3-3
d/f+3, 1m, h13,1014-3+77
d/f+3, 1, 2m, h, h13,10,614-2+9+9
d/f+3, 1, 4m, h, h13,10,20-3-32
d/f+3, 1, 4, 2m, h, h, h13,10,20,12-400
d/f+3, 1, 4, 2, u or bm, h, h, h (SS)13,10,20,12-566
d/f+3, 1, 4, 2, 3m, h, h, h, h13,10,20,12,200KNDKND
d/f+3, 1, 4, 2, u/f+3m, h, h, h, m13,10,20,12,22-3KNDKND
d/f+3, 1, 4, 2, 1+2m, h, h, h, m13,10,20,12,21-18KNDKND
d/f+3, 2m, h13,120+1+11
d/f+3, 2, D/Fm, h (CD)13,12-1010
d/f+3, 2, u or dm, h (SS)13,12-1010
d/f+3, 2, 1m, h, h13,12,6-344
d/f+3, 2, 1, 4m, h, h, h13,12,6,187JGJG
d/f+3, 2, 1, d+4m, h, h, l (TC)13,12,6,12-13-2-2
d/f+3, 2, 3m, h, h13,12,15-1011
d/f+3, 2, 4m, h, h13,12,22-6~-5KNDKNDTail spin
d/f+3, 2, d+3m, h, l (TC)13,12,10-14-3-3
d/f+3, 3m, h13,6-14-3-3
d/f+3, 3, 3m, h, h13,6,8-1100
d/f+3, 3, 3, 1m, h, h, h13,6,8,14-91515
d/f+3, 3, 3, 4m, h, h, h13,6,8,20-6KNDKNDTail spin
d/f+3, 4m, h13,20-6KNDKNDTail spin
d/f+1+2 or CJM d/f+1+2m0161519
d+1sm510 cs4-566
d+1 or FC+1, 4sm, m5,10-1100
d+3l (TC)12 cs416-17-3-3
d+3 or FC+3, 2l, m12,10-13JGJG
d+3 or FC+3, 4l, h12,18-65JG
d+3 or FC+3, 4, 1l, h, m12,18,20+2s+5sKND
d+4 or FC+4, 1l, h7(10),100611
d+4 or FC+4, 1, u or dl (SS)7(10)-15-4-4
d+4 or FC+4, 1, bl (CJM)7(10)-1011
d/b+1, Dm16-1233
d/b+1, 4m, m16,17-15-1JG
d/b+2 or FC+d/b+2 or FC+d+2, 4sm, m8,10-1011
d/b+3l (TC)2127 cs6-17JGJG
d/b+4l (TC)1825 cs6-18-7-7
d/b+4, 3l (TC), l (TC)18,14-16-5KND
d/b+4, 4l (TC), m (TJ)18,15-20sThrow(KND)Throw(KND)
d/b+1+2m3020 pc8-13KNDKNDPower crush
d/b+3+4 (clean hit)l (TC)2724-26-4-4
d/b+3+4l (TC)1824 cs 6-26-6-4
d/b+3+4, 3l (TC), h (TJ)27(18),23-7KNDKND
b+1, 2m, h14,12-12-1-1
b+1, 2, 2m, h, m (TJ)14,12,24-11KNDKND
b+2, 2h, h10,20-6KNDKND
b+4m1720-99KNDTail spin, homing
u/b or u+1m (TJ)1218 js9-1233
u/b or u or u/f+1h1715-1299
u/f+1, 3h, m10,17-167KND
u/f+1, 3, 3+4h, m, mm10,17,10,10-4JGJG
u/b+3m (TJ)1514 js6-15-4-4
u+3m (TJ)2014 js6-15KNDKND
u/f+3m (TJ)2225 js10-3KNDKND
u/f+4h (TJ)2018 js9-11-3-3
u/f+4, 3h (TJ), l20, 10-17-6-6
u/f+4, 3, 4h (TJ), l, h20,10,14-65JG
u/f+4, 3, 4, u or bh (TJ), l, h (SS)20, 10-744
U/B+4, Dm (TJ)15-19-13-13
U+4m (TJ)1818-18JGJG
U+4, Dm (TJ)18-19JGJG
U/F+4m (TJ)2118 js13-18JGJG
U/F+4, Dm (TJ)2118 js13-19JGJG
u/f+3+4mm (TJ)4,1820 js9-3s+5s+5s
u/f, N, 4m (TJ)2525 js9-9KNDKND
f, F+2h21166KNDKNDHoming, Tail spin
f, F+3m (TJ)1415 js13-13JGJG
f, F+3, 4m (TJ), m14,12-23JGJG
f, F+3, 4, 3m (TJ), m, m14,12,9-14-3-3
f, F+3, 4, b+3m (TJ), m, m (CJM)14,12,9-11010
f, F+3, 4, b+3:1+2m (TJ), m, m, m! (CJM)14,12,9,45KNDKNDKND
f, F+4m (TJ)2031 js100KNdKND
f, F+4, Bm (TJ) (CJM)20-9KNDKND
f, F+4, Dm (TJ) (special)2031s js100KNDKND
f, F+1+2m2518-9KNDKND
f, f, f+2m1015-8+1+1
f, f, f+2, 3m, m (TJ)10,28js26-13KNDKND
f, f, f+3m (TJ)2023 js3-23KNDKND
FC+1sm (TC)510 cs1-566
FC+d/b or d+2sm (TC)811 cs1-477
FC+3l (TC)1216 cs1-17-3-3
FC+4l (TC)1012 cs1-15-4-4
WS+3, Bm (CJM)20-388
FC+f+1m2222-9KNDKNdWall bounce
FC+f+2m2520 pc8-14sKNDKND
FC+d/f+2l (TC)1420 cs1-21KNDKND
FC+d/f+2~1l (TC)2120 cs1-21KNDKND
FC+u/b+4m (TJ)1518 js13-18-12-12
FC+u/b+4, Dm (TJ)15-19-13-13
FC+u+4m (TJ)18-18JGJG
FC+u+4, Dm (TJ)18-19JGJG
FC+u/f+4m (TJ)2118 js13-18JGJG
FC+u/f+4, Dm (TJ)2118 js13-19JGJG
FC+U/B+4m (TJ)2514 js11-33-22-22
FC+U/B+4, Dm (TJ)25-27-16-16
FC+U+4m (TJ)2814 js11-33KNDKND
FC+U+4, Dm (TJ)28-27KNDKND
FC+U/F+4m (TJ)3014 js11-33KNDKND
FC+U/F+4, Dm (TJ)30-27KNDKND
SS+2l (TC)1220 cs6-120+14g
SS+1+2mm (TJ)5,719-9JGJG
Opponent down d+3+4l2017-17-6-6
Back against wall b,b,u/bm21351KNDKND
BT+1 or 2h158-833
BT+3 or 4h1810-8KNDKND
BT+d+1 or d+2sm1010-299
BT+d+3 or d+4h1210-1133
b+3 (to CJM)(CJM)
CJM d/f(CD)
CJM 1h1411-9+14+14
CJM 2h1010-13-2-2
CJM 2, 1h, m10,12-7+4+4
CJM 3m1812-123KND
CJM 4m (TC)2027 cs14-29KNDKND
CJM 1+2m2017-4s+6s+6s
CJM 2+3m3013-16KNDKND
CJM 3+4m2320 pc8~-14KNDKNDPower crush
CJM d/b or d+3l815-1100
CJM d/b or d+3, 3l, h8,20-777
CJM u/b+4m (TJ)1515 js8-15-4-4
CJM u+4m (TJ)2015 js8-15-4-4
CJM u/f+4m (TJ)2015 js8-13JGJG
CJM f, F(TC)(TJ) (TC) (Rol)cs js8~35 cs
CJM f, F+3m (TC)2730-11KNDKND
CJM f, F+4h2140+12g (+14g wc)JGJGWall crush
qcf+2, 1m, m17,20-14KNDKND
qcf+2, 1, Bm, m (CJM)17-132KND
qcf+3, 2m, h14,25-8KNDTail spinTail spin
qcf+3, 3m, h14,8-1100
qcf+3, 3, 1m, h, h14,8,14-91515
qcf+3, 3, 4m, h, h14,8,20-6KNDKNDTail spin
qcf+4mm (TC)12,1218 cs5-12+6k+6k
Anna William For Tekken7 THROWS
CommandHit levelDamageStart up frameBreakBreak frameNotesNotes
1+3h35121 or 2-6Rage art
f+1+3h35151 or 2-6Rage drive
2+4h35121 or 2-3
f+2+4h35151 or 2-3
Left side throwh40121-3
Right side throwh38122-3
Back throwh6012None
d/f,d/f+1h43121+2-6Tail spin
b+1+3 or b+2+4h and m reversal25 + opp attack3~8f+1+3 or f+2+4-6
CJM auto low parrym203
CJM throw reversalh258NONE
qcf+1+2h15112-2 (0 if not broken)
-> 3, 4,3, 1+2301+2-4
-> 1, 3, 2, 1181-4
-> -> 3, 1, 4, 1+2, 1+2251-4
-> -> 2, 1, 3, 4, 1+2252-4Tail spin
-> -> 2, 3, 1+2, 3+4, 1+2301+2-4
-> 1+3, 3, 1+2252-4
-> -> 4, 3, 4, 3+4, 1+2302-3
-> -> 1+2, 4, 3, 1+2, 1+2, 1+3281-3

Tekken7 Blog Tekken Online Challenge 2020

Tekken Online Challenge is a series of tournaments from Bandai Namco that Many Online Players can enter to play from all over the world. Each regional tournaments are open for player to enter and compete each other for a prize.

Official Sources

Check the official website or social media channels of the tournament organizers. The tournament may be organized by a specific esports organization, the game publisher, or a community group.

Esports News Platforms

Visit esports news websites or platforms that cover Tekken events. They often provide comprehensive coverage, including tournament schedules, results, and analyses.

Community Forums

Tekken community forums and platforms may have discussions about the “Online Challenge 2021: Japan Online Masters.” Participants and fans often share information, experiences, and results on these platforms.

Social Media

Check social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for updates from organizers, participants, and the community. Official announcements and highlights are often shared through these channels.

  1. Twitch or YouTube: Esports tournaments are commonly streamed on platforms like Twitch or YouTube. You might find recordings of matches, highlights, or official broadcasts related to the “Online Challenge 2021: Japan Online Masters.”

Remember that event details may have changed, and it’s recommended to refer to the latest sources for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Here you can sabscribe the offical page


「TEKKEN Online Challenge 2021」開催地域
North America(北米)Central America(中米)South America(南米)West Europe(西ヨーロッパ)
East Europe(東ヨーロッパ)Japan(日本)Korea(韓国)Philippines & East Asia(フィリピン&東アジア)
Southeast Asia(東南アジア)South Asia(南アジア)Oceania(オセアニア)Middle East(中東)
South Africa(南アフリカ)West Africa(西アフリカ

Tekken7 Blog Japan Online Masters in 2021

The “Master Cup” is a series of major Tekken tournaments held in Japan. These tournaments are well-known for their large-scale participation, high level of competition, and enthusiastic community engagement. The tournaments attract top players from Japan and around the world who compete in the popular fighting game series, Tekken.

Large-Scale Community Event

Master Cup tournaments are known for their large number of participants. They often draw Tekken players from all skill levels, creating a diverse and inclusive atmosphere.

Team-Based Format

Master Cup tournaments typically follow a team-based format, where teams of players compete against each other. Each team member faces off against opponents, contributing to the team’s overall performance.

International Presence

While the primary focus is on the Japanese Tekken community, Master Cup events also attract international players, adding a global flavor to the competition.

Passionate Community

The events are characterized by a passionate and energetic community. The atmosphere is lively, with players and spectators alike expressing their enthusiasm for the game.

Professional and Amateur Competition

Master Cup events provide a platform for both professional and amateur players to showcase their skills. This inclusivity contributes to the overall success and popularity of the tournaments.

Livestreaming and Content Creation

The tournaments are often livestreamed, allowing fans worldwide to follow the action in real-time. Additionally, content creators and commentators contribute to the overall viewing experience.

Master Cup Tekken tournaments have become an integral part of the competitive Tekken scene, and they continue to play a significant role in fostering the growth of the Tekken community. The events contribute to the sense of camaraderie among Tekken players and fans, making them highly anticipated within the fighting game community.

Official web site

Tekken7 Blog About Steve Fox


First appearing in Tekken 4, Steve Fox has returned. Steve is a young British boxer who was adopted at a young age. Probably Nina William is something to do with Steve Fox. Steve’s main objective has been to learn more information about his past, including the origin of the mysterious scar on his arm, and to get revenge against those responsible.

Steve Fox For Fighting Style

With a unique fighting style based on boxcing, sways and punches, and almost no kicks, Steve is one of the most unorthodox characters in the series. He has incredibly fast and effective punches and combos, very strong low attacks, and can lay the pressure on his opponent like few others in the roster.

Perhaps one of the most dangerous fighters in the roster, Steve can turn around a fight with his hard-hitting blows and high-low combos in a flash, and his counter-hits are among the most effective around. Also,

Steve’s dodging capabilities are unrivaled by any other character in the series if timed properly. Blind reliance on this tactic is very risky, though, and going the wrong way might end up being a game-changing mistake.

Placing too much confidence in Steve’s evasive maneuvers renders him open to various kinds of damages, the worst-case scenario being KO’d by a set of elaborate combos. Unique to him and befitting his fighting style, his 3 and 4 inputs has him performing bobs and weaves instead of kicks.

Because he makes minimal use of 3 and 4 inputs and mostly relies on 1 and 2 inputs, regular throws can be somewhat ineffective against him, as a Steve player can easily break throws by accident.

Steve Fox For Combo
Steve Fox For Special Move
CommandHit levelDamageStart up frameBlock frameHit frameCounter hit frameNotes
in rage 1+2 or WS+1+2h5513 pc8~-3KNDKNDRage art
in rage d/f+3+4(Special), (Special) (TC)13 8~Rage drive
in rage d/f+2+3m, m5,2114+7JGJGRage drive
in rage D/f+2+3m, m (DUK)5,2114+15gJGJGRage drive
in rage d/f+3+4, 1+2(Special), m x 510*4,1915,(35~) cs1~+1 (wl+7)KNDKNDRage art
1, 1h, h7,710-3+3+3
1, 1, 3 or 4 to Weaveh, h, (Special)7,710-600
1, 1, 2h, h, h7,7,1510-7~-6+4~+5+4~+5
1, 1, 2, f+3 or f+4h, h, h (DUK)7,7,1510-3+8+8
1, 1, 2, 3 or 4 to Weaveh, h, h, (Special)7,7,1510-3+8+8
1, 1, 2, b+3 or b+4 to Swayh, h, h, (Sway)7,7,1510-5+6+6
1, 1, d+1h, h, m7,7,1510-60+5
1, 1, d+1, Bh, h, m, (FLK)7,7,15100+6+11
1, 1, d+1, B, d/b (Cancel)h, h, m, (FLK)7,7,1510s-2+4+9
1, 2h, h7,1010-2+6+6
1, 2, 3 or 4 to Weaveh, h, (Special)7,1010-4+4+4
1, 2, 1h, h, h7,10,1510-3+3+3
1, 2, 1, Fh, h, h, (Special)7,10,1510-2+4+4
1, 2, 1, Bh, h, h, (FLK)7,10,1510-1+5+5
1, 2, 1, B, d/b (Cancel)h, h, h, (FLK)7,10,1510s-3+3+3
1, 2, 1, 3 or 4 to Weaveh, h, h, (Special)7,10,1510-600
1, 2, 1, 2h, h, h, m7,10,15,1510-10~-9KNDKND
1, 2, 1, 2h, h, h, m, (Special)7,10,15,1510-6~-5KNDKND
1, 2, 1, d+2h, h, h, l (TC)7,10,15,19cs10~-12~-11+1~+2sKND
1, 2, 1, d+2, dh, h, h, l (TC)7,10,15,19s cs10~-12~-11+1~+2sKND
1, d+1h, m7,1510~-60+5
1, d+1, Bh, m, (FLK)7,1510~0+6+11
1, d+1, B, d/b (Cancel)h, m, (FLK)7,1510~ RC-2+4+9
2, 1h, h12,1412-5+6+6
2, 1, Fh, h, (Special)12,1412+3+14 GB+14
2, 1, Bh, h, (FLK)12,1412+3+14 GB+14
2, 1, B, d/b (Cancel)h, h, (FLK)12,1412 RC+2+13 GB+13
2, 1, 2h, h, m12,14,2212-11KNDKND
f+2, 1m, h11,1221~22-5-1-1
f+2, 1, Fm, h, (Special)11,1221~220+4+4
f+2, 1, Bm, h, (FLK)11,1221~22+1+5+5
f+2, 1, B, d/b (Cancel)m, h, (FLK)11,1221~22 RC0+4+4
f+2, 1~2m, m11,2021-10KNDKND
f+1+2mh10,1215~16, 23~25-14~-12-3~-1-3~-1
f+1+2, 2mh, m10,12,2015~16, 23~25-13~-12KNDKND
d/f+1, 3 or 4 to Weavem, (Special)1213~14-7~-60~+10~+1
d/f+1, 2m, h12,1313~14-6+3+5
d/f+1, 2, 3 or 4 to Weave (Cancel)m, (Special)1213~14-16~-15-9~-8-9~-8
d/f+1, 2~1m, h12,2013~14-2~-1+2~+3CS
d/f+12~1 Bm, h, (FLK)12,2013~140~+1+4~+5CS
d/f+1, 2~2m, m12,2013~14-10KNDKND
d/f+1, 2~f+1+2m, hh12,8,1213~14-300(+3)
d/f+1, 2~f+1+2 , 3 or 4 to Weavem, hh, (Special)12,8,1213~14-4-1-1(+2)
d/f+2, 3 or 4 to Weavem, (Special)1816~17-7~-6+10~+11CS
d/f+1+2 (Second hit miss)m1414-23-12s-12s
d+1l (TC)1216s cs6~-13-2-2
d+2l (TC)1117 cs6~-18-5-5
d+2, 1l (TC), m11,817 6~-11~-10-5~-40~+1
d+2, 1, 3 or 4 to Weavel (TC), m, (Special)11,817 6~-6~-50~+1+5~+6
d+2, 1, 2l (TC), m, h11,8,1717 6~-2~-1KNDCS
d+2~n+1, 3 or 4 to Weavem, (Special)1529~30-6~-5+5~+6+5~+6
d+2~n+1, f+2m, h15,1729~30-2~-1KNDCS
d+2~n+1 , 2m, m15,2029~30-13~-12+3~+4sKND
d/b+2 or FC+d/b+2l (TC)2126~27 cs6or1~-12~-11+1~+2sKND
d/b+2, d/b or Dl (TC)2126~27s cs6or1~-12~-11+1~+2sKND
d/b+3, 2l, h10,1616-7~-6KNDKND
d/b+1+2m2136~37 pc8~35-18~-17+24~+25+24~+25Power crush
b+1, Bh, (FLK)1713~14-1~0+9~+10CS
b+1, B, d/b (Cancel)h, (FLK)1713~14s-3~-2+7~+8CS
b+1, 2h, h17,913-5+19k+19k
b+1, 2, Fh, h, (PAB)17,1013~14-6~-5+5~+6+5~+6
b+1, d+2h, l (TC)17,10cs12~-12~-10+1~+1-1~+1
b+1, d+2, fh, l (TC), (PAB)17,1012~-10~-8+1~+3+1~+3
b+1, d+2, 1h, l (TC), m17,10,2012~-9~-7KNDKND
b+1+2Absorbs 1 h/m hit2~
When parry successful 1m3014~16-12~-10CSLaunch
u/f+1m (TJ)1819~21 js9~-6~-4+5~+7+5~+7
u or u/f+2m (TJ)2022~25 js9~-14~-11KNDKND
u or u/f+3l (TJ)2036~37 js9~35-12~-11+9~+10+9~+10
u or u/f+3, 2l (TJ), h20,1636~37 9~35-7~-6KNDKND
u or u/f+4m (TJ)2023~24 js9~-14~-13Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
f, F+2m2414~17 (15~)-13~-10sKNDKND
qcf+1, Bm, (FLK)2116(16~)-3KNDKND
qcf+1, B, d/b (Cancel)m, (FLK)2116s(16~)-4KNDKND
qcf+2 fl (PAB)1819-19+2+2
qcb, f+2+3!7066~69 (66~)KNDKNDKND
f, f, f+2m (TJ)3020~24 (23~) js9~+9~+13gKNDKND
WR+1l (TC)2316(49~) cs6~-12KNDKND
WS+1, 1m, h12,711~12-3+3+3
WS+1, 1,m, h, (Special)12,711~12-600
WS+1, 2m, m12,2011~12-13~-12+3~+4sKND
WS+2m1714~16-7~-5+4~+6aLaunch (JG?)
WS+2, 3 or 4 to Weavem, (Special)1714~16-7~-5+4~+6aLaunch (JG?)
FC+d/f+1l (TC), (PAB)1215~16 cs1~-12~-11+2~+3+2~+3
Opponent Down d+1+2l(On grounded opponent)1217-11+2+2
3 (to LWV)(LWV)17
LWV 1m1415(23~)-10+1+1
LWV 1, 1m, m14,2215(23~)-13~-11KNDKND
LWV 1, Bm, (FLK)1415(23~)-3+8+8
LWV 1, B, d/b (Cancel)m, (FLK)1415(23~)-4+7+7
LWV 1, f+1m, m14,915(23~)-3+3+3
LWV 1, f+1, 1m, m, h14,9,815(23~)+3+7CS
LWV 1, f+1, 1, Bm, m, h, (FLK)14,9,815(23~)+4+8CS
LWV 1, f+1, 1, B, d/b (Cancel)m, m, h, (FLK)14,9,815(23~)s+2+6CS
LWV 2m1314~16 (22~)-5~-3+4~+6+4~+6
LWV 2, fm, (Special)1314~16 (22~)-1~+1+8~+10+8~+10
LWV 2, 1m, m13,2114~16 (22~)-8+4sKND
4 (to RWV)(RWV)14~16 (22~)
RWV 1m1314~16 (22~)-5~-3+4~+6+4~+6
RWV 1, fm, (Special)1314~16 (22~)-1~+1+8~+10+8~+10
RWV 1, 2m, m13,1514~16 (22~)-13~-11Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
RWV 2m2215~16 (23~)-13~-12KNDKNDWallbounce
3+4 (to ALB)(ALB)15~16 (23~)
3+4, F(PAB)15~16 (23~)
ALB 2m2223~24-8~-7KNDKND
ALB d+2l (TC)1721(34) cs6~-12+1sKND
ALB U(Special)21(34) 6~
ALB D(Special)21(34) 6~
3+4, d or u, F (two spins)(PAB)21(34) 6~
ALB d or U 1 (two spins)m3412~13 (49~50)-8~-7KNDKND
ALB d or U d+1 (two spins)l (TC)3022~23 (58~59) cs6~-12~-11KNDKND
f+3 or f+4 FC+d/f+3 or d/f+4 (to DCK)(Special) (TC)(DCK)22~23 (58~59) 6~
DCK 1m1719~20 (25~)-7~-6CS (10)Launch
DCK 2m1519~21 (25~)-14~-12Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
DCK 1+2m316(22~)-600
DCK 1+2, 1m, m5,316(22~)-9+2+2
DCK 1+2, 1, 2m, m, m5,3,316(22~)-9-3-3
DCK 1+2, 1, 2, 1m, m, m, m5,3,3,316(22~)-9+2+2
DCK 1+2, 1, 2, 1, 2m, m, m, m, m5,3,3,3,316(22~)-9-3-3
DCK 1+2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1m, m, m, m, m, m5,3,3,3,3,316(22~)-9+2+2
DCK 1+2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2m, m, m, m, m, m, m5,3,3,3,3,3,316(22~)-9-3-3
DCK 1+2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1m, m, m, m, m, m, m, m5,3,3,3,3,3,3,316(22~)-9+2+2
DCK 1+2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2m, m, m, m, m, m, m, m, m5,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,316(22~)-10-4-4
DCK 1+2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1m, m, m, m, m, m, m, m, m, m5,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3,1216(22~)-12LaunchLaunch
DCK f+2h2115~16 (21~)-7~-6KNDCSTail spin
DCK f+2, 3 or 4 to Weaveh, (Special)2115~16 (21~)+1~+2KNDCSTail spin
f+3, F* or f+4, F* (to Ext DCK)(Special) (TC)(Ext DCK)15~16 (21~)
Ext DCK 1m2119~20 (50~)-7~-6KNDLaunch
Ext DCK 2m2119~21 (50~)-14~-12LaunchLaunch
Ext DCK f+2h2815~16 (46~)+5~+6CSCSTail spin
Ext DCK f+2, 3 or 4 to Weaveh, (Special)2815~16 (46~)+9~+10 (+15~+16)CSCSTail spin
Ext DCK 1+2, ,,m, , ,3,,,16(47~)-600
f+3+4 (to PAB)(PAB)16(47~)
PAB F(PAB)16(47~)
PAB d/b (Cancel)(Special) (TC)s
PAB 1h(PAB)1012~13 (13~)-2~-1+9~+10+9~+10
PAB 1, 2h, h10,1412~13 (13~)0~+1+8~+9+8~+9
PAB 1, 2, 1h, h, m, (PAB)10,14,2112~13 (13~)-13~-11+8~+10sLaunch (3rd hit)
PAB 2 or u/b+2h(Absorbs 1 h/m hit), (PAB)19(31)14(15~)-3+2(KND)CSHoming
PAB 1+2h(Throw)4511(12~)Throw(KND)
PAB f+2m?, (PAB)1818~19 (19~)-13~-12KNDKND
PAB f+2, 1m, m18,2518~19 (19~)+1~+2KNDKND
PAB d/f+1m(PAB)1215~16 (16~)-9~-8+2~+3+2~+3
PAB f+1+2h,h12,2312-5KNDKND
PAB d/f+1, 1m, m(PAB)10,1415~16 (16~)-10~-9+1~+2+1~+2
PAB d/f+1, 1, 2m, m, m(PAB)10,14,1215~16 (16~)-11-3-3
PAB d/f+1, 1, 2, 1m, m, m, m10,14,12,2015~16 (16~)-13KNDKND
PAB d/f+1, 2m, h10,2015~16 (16~)-6~-5+10g~+11g (+18g wc)+10g~+11g (+18g wc)Tail spin, wall crush
PAB d/f+2m, (PAB)1616~17 (17~)-10~-9Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
PAB d+1l (TC), (PAB)1115~16 (16~) cs6~-12~-11+2~+3+2~+3
PAB d+2l (TC)2528~29s (29~) cs6~-12~-11+7~+8KND
PAB b+1m1517~18 (18~)-19~-18-6~-5-6~-5
PAB b+1, 1m, h15,1017~18 (18~)-7~-6-1~0-1~0
PAB b+1, 1, 2m, h, m15,10,1217~18 (18~)-11~-9-5~-3-5~-3
PAB b+1, 1, 2, 1m, h, m, m15,10,12,2117~18 (18~)-10KNDKND
PAB b+1, 1, 2, 1, Bm, h, m, m, (FLK)15,10,12,2117~18 (18~)-3KNDKND
PAB b+2m(SWY)2528~29 (29~)-13~-12KNDKNDWall bounce
PAB u or u/f+2m (TJ)2317~19a (18~) js9~-15~-13LaunchLaunch
b+3 or b+4 (to SWY)(Special) (TC)(SWY)17~19 (18~) 9~
SWY 1m2616~17 (22~)-1~0s+6~+7sKND
SWY 2m (TC)3017~18 (27~) cs1~-18~-17CSCS
SWY 1+2 or +d, b, f, u directionh(Throw)010(20~)Throw(+1)
b+3+4 (to FLIK)(FLIK)10(20~)
b+3+4, 3 or 4 to Weave(Special)10(20~)
FLIK 1h1412(17~)-4+7+7
FLIK 1, b+3+4 (One to three hits)h, (ALB)1412+14+25g+25g
FLIK 1, 1h, h14,812-8+1+1
FLIK 1, 1, 1h, h, h14,8,812-900
FLIK 1, 1, 1, 2h, h, h, m14,8,8,2212-7KNDKND
FLIK 1, Bh, (FLK)1412-1+10+10
FLIK 1, B , d/b (Cancel)h, (FLK)1412s-3+8+8
FLIK 1, 1, Bh, h, (FLK)14,812-3+5+5
FLIK 1, 1, B, d/b (Cancel)h, h, (FLK)14,812s-5+3+3
FLIK 1, 1, 1, Bh, h, h, (FLK)14,8,812-4+4+4
FLIK 1, 1, 1, B, d/b (Cancel)h, h, h, (FLK)14,8,812s-6+2+2
FLIK 1, f+1h, m14,1712-50s(+9s)KND
FLIK 1, d or u+1h, h14,23120~+2+18Tail spinTail spin
FLIK 2m2118~19 (23~)-5KNDLaunch
FLIK 1+2h(Throw)4012(17~)Throw(KND)
FLIK b+2h2114~15 (19~) pc8~13-9KNDKNDPower crush
FLIK f+3+4(PAB)14~15 (19~) 8~13
FLIK b+1+2Absorbs 1 h/m hit2~
FLIK etc2~
Steve Fox For Basic Move
CommandHit levelDamageStart up frameBlock frameHit frameCounter hit frameNotes
3 (to LWV)(LWV)12
4 (to RWV)(RWV)12
f+3 (to DCK)(Special) (TC)(DCK)s
f+4 (to DCK)(Special) (TC)(DCK)s
d/f+2m1816~17-11~-10+6~+7KND (JG?)Homing
d/f+3 (to DCK)(Special) (TC)(DCK)s
d/f+4 (to DCK)(Special) (TC)(DCK)s
d+1l (TC)1416s cs6~-1300
d+2l (TC)1317 cs6~-18-5-5
d+3 (to LWV)(LWV)17 6~
d+4 (to RWV)(RWV)17 6~
d/b+1Sm (TC)510s cs4~-5+6+6
d/b+2l (TC)2126~27 cs6~-12~-11+1~+2sKND
d/b+4 (to SWY)(Special) (TC)(SWY)s
b+3 (to SWY)(Special) (TC)(SWY)s
b+4 (to SWY)(Special) (TC)(SWY)s
u/b or u+1m (TJ)1218 js9~-8+3+3
u/f+1m (TJ)1819~21 js9~-6~-4+5~+7+5~+7
u or u/f+2m (TJ)2022~25 js9~-14~-11KNDKND
u/b+3 (Cancel)(Special)22~25 9~
u or u/f+3l (TJ)2036~37 js9~35-12~-11+9~+10+9~+10
u/b+4 (Cancel)(Special)36~37 9~35
u or u/f+4m (TJ)2723~24-14~-13Launch (JG?)Launch (JG?)
WS+2m1714~16-7~-5+4~+6aLaunch (JG?)
WS+3 (to LWV)(LWV)14~16
WS+4 (to RWV)(RWV)14~16
FC+d/b or d+1Sm (TC)510s cs1~-5+6+6
FC+d/b+2l (TC)2126~27 cs1~-12~-11+1~+2sKND
FC+d+2Sm811s cs1~-4+7+7
FC+d/b or d+3 (to LWV)(LWV)11 1~
FC+d/b or d+4 (to RWV)(RWV)11 1~
SS+3 (to LWV)(LWV)12(13~)
SS+4 (to RWV)(RWV)12(13~)
BT 1 or 2h158-8+3+3
BT 3 or 4(Special)8
BT d+1 or 2Sm1010s cs1~-2+9+9
BT d+3 or 4(Special)10 1~KNDKND